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Horrible, would not refer anyone to purchase from Silverleaf Add comment

This is a horrible investment for your family. You are better off putting that payment in your savings account and taking and enjoying a vacation with your family. They claim to be family orientated but they are not. They only apply the policy when it suits them. I have been with them since Sept 2011. I have banked my weeks in 2014, 2015, 2016 because I cannot use them and then when I want to use them I can never use them because now you need to give them 30 days advance on booking....Funny when you are buying and since I bought it this... Read more

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I love silverleaf booked my tour and stay with no problems read my contract very carefuly so knew what i was signing and getting into, very friendly staff great service Read more

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We were scammed into buying a timeshare here in 2014. We haven't even been able to use it and they say we have no time available???? What we were told and what corporate says are two different things. This is horrible! Then we asked to sell it and was told we couldn't sell until our whole balance was paid???!!! This is ridiculous and totally illegal! Add comment

Silverleaf Resorts allow their employees to say anything necessary to close a deal and never deliver on what was promised. They then always resort to did you get it in writing. A persons word with this company means nothing! Add comment

I was called into coming to take a "tour" around Silver Leaf Resorts in Sheridan, Illinois. It was supposed to be only 90 minutes tops. It turns out to be 8 hours of being pushed into buying a contract with them! We kept saying NO and finally ending up signing with them. I was so mentally exhausted. The lady even asked me to write a bad check and they would lie to the company saying that I didn't receive my check yet so I had extra time to pay the down payment. Purchased a old timeshare that they said they just got in and didn't send in to get... Read more

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Every time I try to send this it kicks me outwant send I just got our statement in mail. With a balance once again. I called to make sure they had it all straightened out once again before I wrot it all out not getting a bill. Still we send in payment. Sent priorty I made a copy before mailing so that we will all be on same page been owners sinse 80's never haf a problem all started in November. Im not the only one I never had to call the company or sure never complained im now on the *** of joining the complaining dept. I owe no balance as... Read more

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What is wrong with the billing dept. We have been owners since 80's and never had a problem started in November. Evertime I talk to as omd one they say it is straighten out then get another bill that says something different. We have never been late are not paid a bill. Even drove to dallas to pay when we didnt get a bill. No one knows if due on 15 or 1. Everytime I call I can plan a all day phone call. Getting discounected or transfering me and getting disconected. Every person we talk to says oh yes I see its fixed didnt see it. Or we get... Read more

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What they promised in the presentation was a bunch of lies. I was told that I was purchasing a presidential suite and would have access to presidential suite on each stay. I drove 4 hours to find out that was a lie, made co fact with CEO, Chairman and President and all stand behind their lying salesman. Reported co pang to CFPB. Filing lawsuit next against the worst company I ever done business with. Do not believe anything g they say will lie to you and not deliver on promise. Resort is old and they are not updating Read more

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I went to the presentation and told them my concerns, after having owned a previous timeshare, that I would not have access to bonus time the times that I would want to use them. I also was concerned about being able to book the timeshare when I was available to use it. The salesman was as slimy as could be and told me ," we have a try it before you buy it program for $1,000" he then assured me that this program would be perfect for my situation so that I could try out everything before I bought it to make sure I was happy with it. After I... Read more

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