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Not honest and not friedly. Add comment

I would also like to join in a class action suit against Holiday Inn Vacations Clubs, purely for the reason they bought us now they are rebranding the property to their point system and allowing their members to use our deeded properties but refusing to allow us to use theirs. I feel that the law is on our side when it comes to our ownership and them allowing non owners use which limits our ability to fully use our properties that are now being... Read more

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The first time I stayed at silverleaf resorts in Tyler! The condo I was given seemed to be something out of the early 60's! I had extra family members staying with me! the bathroom facility was horrible the wood around the tub was splintered and elapidated ! beyond belief! I felt like I was in the Ghetto section! Then the swimming facilities were over run with the locals! I asked the managment about it, they informed me that they have always let... Read more

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Worst place to by a timeshare. They promise you thing but when it come time they say we never say that. Stay away stay away. I wish I had never bought from them. Add comment

Horrible, would not refer anyone to purchase from Silverleaf Add comment

This is a horrible investment for your family. You are better off putting that payment in your savings account and taking and enjoying a vacation with your family. They claim to be family orientated but they are not. They only apply the policy when it suits them. I have been with them since Sept 2011. I have banked my weeks in 2014, 2015, 2016 because I cannot use them and then when I want to use them I can never use them because now you... Read more

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I love silverleaf booked my tour and stay with no problems read my contract very carefuly so knew what i was signing and getting into, very friendly staff great service Read more

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We were scammed into buying a timeshare here in 2014. We haven't even been able to use it and they say we have no time available???? What we were told and what corporate says are two different things. This is horrible! Then we asked to sell it and was told we couldn't sell until our whole balance was paid???!!! This is ridiculous and totally illegal! Add comment

Silverleaf Resorts allow their employees to say anything necessary to close a deal and never deliver on what was promised. They then always resort to did you get it in writing. A persons word with this company means nothing! Add comment

I was called into coming to take a "tour" around Silver Leaf Resorts in Sheridan, Illinois. It was supposed to be only 90 minutes tops. It turns out to be 8 hours of being pushed into buying a contract with them! We kept saying NO and finally ending up signing with them. I was so mentally exhausted. The lady even asked me to write a bad check and they would lie to the company saying that I didn't receive my check yet so I had extra time to pay... Read more

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