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I've been trying to relive myself of Silverleaf now for quite sometime now. Recently I got a call from them inviting me back to the resort to hear all about the recent acquisition with Holiday Inn. I wasn't able to make any of their dates and now I cant find them at all. Any help would be great. Have any of you gotten the same call regarding the buyout. Thanks for any help that you may be able... Read more

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its allways something with silverleaf you make reservation then they tell you fist come first serve even though it was right at check in time also my wife good not check in for us while I was at work and it was already paid for room never ready at 4 with diamond ownership . cant ever get any bonus time even though your looking at a vacant building and then they tell you they sold that building... Read more

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Signed up at the First Colony Mall in Sugar Land, TX & won a 3day/2 night free tickets (4) for Disney, Florida. At forts glance I thought it was a scam and even strongly said you guys are tricking me. She said no. I put $40 down and was ensured my money back thru a gift card if I go to Pine resort in Conroy, TX. Thanks to this website I definitely believe they are frauds and liars. I am going... Read more

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Signed up at the Gurnee Mall for the Las Vegas vacation, show and food card. Paid $40.00 and we set-up a date for the Grand Presentation. It took us three hours to get to this place so we called and told them that we did not relieze that it was so far away however Brian called me back and said take your time, that he would be there to give us the tour. We arrived 1/2 hour late to be told that... Read more

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I am very upset with silverleaf resorts and holiday inn vacations. I owned a presidential and for a few bucks owned on property they seem to have taken it back. I paid 22 thousand plus for it. I had to close out a card due to fraud and they did not contact me. This is after taking a payment last month. Don't do business with them. Add comment

I brought this timeshare off eBay about 10 years ago. We live 2 hours away and have used it probably 10 times at the most. Gathering maintenance fees keeps rising and no one wants this timeshare for even free because of their constant billing, muscle up selling and always closed reservations. Paying them monthly is part of 21st century schemes in crooked businesses. They will eventually fall... Read more

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Silverleaf pulled my week back from RCI after it was banked because they didn't receive word from me to bank it. When I called to enquirer about it they told me there was nothing they could do about it. So, basically I paid them $900 in maintenance fees and dues for nothing in 2015. I have been an owner with them 24 years and am disgusted with their flippant attitude concerning my week. This... Read more

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I agree with some of the things that are being said about Silverleaf because we have owned for a very long time and upgraded many time. One thing I can say is when we first bought it was great thing. Bonus time was the best. They have been bought out and are not so great anymore. They always try to put you in something lesser than what you have bought of course unless you got on the date you... Read more

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I love this close getaway from the big city. This is a great place. I look forward to going in the years to come. I love it as soon as I drive into the area. Everything you need is furnished in the rooms and you can pick up groceries close by so you can make some great family meals. Or you can choose to eat at nearby restaurants, fast food, or marina on the lake. During high demand time you just... Read more

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I paid up on the maintain fees and now they sending me letters saying I owe for Nov. and Dec. Plus i already paid 12 months of my payment. I just want them to stop trying to rip my off, I wrote a letter to the State Attorney cause I can't get no where with this company. I would like to get all my money back if you can't stop taking my money and then not crediting it to my account fr0122e37. Read more

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