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i bought in sheridan illinois and i was told that the maintence fees would not go up that they were fixed well to my suprise they are not fixed and then they went up in 2011 for wifi service that was to be installed in all resorts who does this charges ppl before the wifi is up and working what *** i have contacted a timeshare relief agency to get out of my contract and get my 130,000 dollars back and if they cannot retrieve it for me i will... Read more

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They are crooks. They lied to us over and over again. We were scammed out of $8,000. If you are considering buying I recommend audio taping the transaction because what they tell you is NOT what your signing.

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I am an Ambassador condo owner (3 bed/3 bath) & also another condo lodge which entitles me to be one of their Diamond Ambassador's owners, guaranteed to always get whether on Bonus Time or the week to have at least a Presidential (2 bed/2 bath). Since Holiday Inn/Orange Lakes has taken over, they refuse to honor what I have in writing! The people at the check in desk keep telling me they are booked up...that is a lie because we drove around... Read more

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Started receiving letters from SilverLeaf regarding an old closed account from 16 years ago. I keep sending them back, since we don't own anything with them anymore. They were asking for documentation on owner transfer-ship. This was 16 years ago. Throwing all future letters in the trash. Whatever is happening right now, it seems like a scam. Maybe all those old records and data were compromised. If we continue to receive letters, we are... Read more

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When they took over Holliday hills in Branson mo they brought in pushy sales men from all over to make you set thru there BS sales pitch we finely got up and left! No more 12:00 check out, or gifts at check in, no towels in kitchen,no bath soaps, no daily paper, no free towel service and always pushey sales when all you want is get your room and relax! The man told me last night there's a Dollar General across the street if you need anything,... Read more

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Can anyone help me? My parents owned (paid in full) Silverleaf timeshare. We (children) don't want it. We started calling SL in 2011. Sent and resent numerous times will, death cents etc. This entire time all we wanted was to surrender/relinquish the TS to Silverleaf. In June 2015 we were told all was good and ok. Now, I received a letter stating the TS is in foreclosure due to non payment of maintenance fees. Never got bills. I've called... Read more

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We were deeded to Orlando Breeze, ambassador level, 3 bedroom, 3 bath with lockout, the week of July 4th with endless escapes/weekends. Paid an embarrassing amount for it (because $1 was too much). We were told by Silverleaf when we brought the property that it was just like any other real estate and would appreciate in value. Well, like everyone else, when we tried to use our endless weekends, that never worked or has a HUGE hassle to the... Read more

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The people at Silverleaf Resorts will call you in to get you to spend your money and rip you off. It has gotten to the point that they don't even care anymore that it is obvious they are ripping you off. You can't even go online anymore and make reservations. All they can tell you is that the website is under construction. For over a month? Come on now... I have two Presidential deeds and can't even book a doggone bonus time getaway. But they... Read more

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Horrible customer service. I've tried numerous times to set up via phone call to Silverleaf and in writing to set up auto pay. They never take notes, they never get the payment set up right, they charge collection fees, promise to retract them and then they say they did not and do not stand behind their word. They do not send you to a higher person in the pecking order. Candace Delise divisional manager out of dallas does nothing to assist the... Read more

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I am an owner @ oak & spruce... fml for this decision... i would be called to go to a mandatory meeting. Well these meetings are not... i would tell them i was busy after answering the umpteenth million calls non stop... well.... i was busy fixing cars or computers. I am a disabled vet and do this to help people and keep busy. I weent to oak & spruce a couple weeks ago to use my week. We found a yellow stained towel in the bathroom upon arival.... Read more

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