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We chose the Air Hotel Escape option, where "two adults receive 2 nights of hotel accommodations and roundtrip airfare to 1 of the U.S. cities listed." I selected Vegas after paying receiving the gocrv voucher. Don't hesitate! You must register within 60 days of the Issue Date or face a $100+ charge. This trip is not free...and I flew Spirit Airlines. Please see the expenses paid to gocrv below:

$100: Deposit

$373.73: Additional hotel/flight charges, included:

---$75: Per person to fly out on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (We left on a Saturday morning)

---$75: "Upgraded hotel" (Stratosphere...I'd give it a 2-star rating)

---$75: Travel assist, just in case you decide to make a one-time change to your reservation (We didn't)

---I'm assuming the remaining $73.73 were random fees...? Who knows.

Additional fees I incurred:

$60: Resort Fee...which no one mentioned. The receptionist told me about this charge upon arrival

$50: Gas to drive four hours away to the city from which I flew and four hours back after landing (Smh)

$120: One check-in baggage and seat selection, round trip on Spirit

Total: $703.73 total for two

$703.73 is a lot when you've been told the vacation was free. Upon further investigation, I asked Reservations how much the tickets actually were. I was told $362.38 total for two roundtrip tickets (on Spirit...? I doubt it). I asked about the room costs. I was told the rate was "undisclosed." In short, the trip was a complete rip off. We could've paid less for sure by not using them as a deceptive liaison. I flew to Vegas at 6a on Saturday and from Vegas at 5p on Monday. The experience wasn't completely horrible, but the ultimate dissatisfiers were the poor customer service and deception. Lesson learned. I advise all to be their own travel agent and do not rely on or trust these frauds! I might’ve given the experience two stars had the flight actually been out of the city in which I reside.

singitallout wrote the review because of "deception" at Silverleaf Resorts. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Silverleaf Resorts to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was being badgered, deception, hotel options and spirit airlines. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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