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My husband and I cant stand silverleaf! I wish that place would burn.

The sales people miss lead you(but that is sales people anyway)

You dont ever EVER get the gifts your were told you were going to get! You cant ever use your weekends that YOU PAID FOR! and the resorts are not all that wonderful(kinda crapy realy)

You will end up paying WAY to much in time you pay for 100's in spec.assessment fees and maintnes fees, in the end you pay well over double the amount you bought the share in the 1st place!

Dont waist you time on driving to a resort, nor buy one. the way we see it, you could rent a nice hotel all the times you wnat to rent your time share on top of that it cost well $80 a night for your share!!! WHAT THE F***!

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I spun the wheel, went to on the free 3day/2night stay and signed a contract. Thank God I did the research (wish I looked before) and found multiple sites with complaints.

I sent in my cancel letter in time and it's being processed. I can't believe it will take 30days to get my down payment back. That's UNSAT!

But I've saved myself a lot of headache. I'd rather buy a car or house!


I have owned two presidentials for years and Siliverleaf has been wonderful....they have made any thing that became a problem on our trips into a wonderful vacation....I pay very low fees and have my kids on our timeshare....I don\'t think most of the posting on this time share of silverleaf is correct...because I have serveral friends that have time shares also and they are just as pleased as my family has been....Think these posting may be more of a personal dislike than any thing to do with the timeshare it self....Maybe they did not understand the plan and how to use their timeshare.....As for the time share being clean....I have never check into a unit that was not very clean....and no nice to never have that to worry about...


they have bed bugs, they are lairs, they have numerous spiders and mice and roaches they are nasty


How many of you have went to owners meeting only to find they now are offering something better if you upgrade!!! Yes we go for the freebies and try and I do express try to use our time without success of calling the legal department.

It is frustrating to find out that they still are saying now that you have upgraded you are no count unless you upgrade again. The things we promised you dont exist anymore for your unit only the new ones???? It is hard to keep trowing good money after bad but seems we keep doing this as we pay our yearly dues for maintenance and payed for our units (plural) in cash! In the past we maybe have used the timeshare a handfull of times and never when it was conveient for us only to find the visitors are being treated better than the owners.

Oh yes I complain and they come through but seems so frustrating that they do practice hard sells on their owners I have even been told well that is what we are here for and if your not here for that then dont waste our time. Bought diamond for both our units to be upgraded one was one was not now the sellsman or woman insist on telling me we are HALF diamond not how it was explained to us when we did the upgrade which cost us 8000 plus extra 600 in dues a year.

so really be careful and learn to just say no they dont like it but it is your right. I even had one sells lady tell me that she was going to have me taken off the invite list since then Ive had thousands of calls offering free stays and gifts for the same owner meetings.

:upset :cry :( :( :x :? :roll :eek :grin :) 8) :p :zzz :upset :upset :upset :zzz

Silverleafs Fox River is full of spiders and bugs and when you complain nothing is done about it. Salespeople will tell you anything to get you to buy another week and if they dont they will be let go. I could go on and on but people are gullable and believe thiscrap.


CAVEAT EMPTOR (buyer, beware).

Sorry to keep on wife and I have a red week Presidential at the Seaside Resort in Galveston---ZERO (nada, zip) maintenance fees. $ zero.

Originally we bought a blue week 2BR/1BA cabin at Lake O' The Woods in 1997. This BLUE week was changed to a RED week in 1998 at no additional cost to us.

We upgraded to a 2BR/2BA condo at Holly Lake in 1999(zero maintenance and zero percent on the loan). We upgraded to a 2BR/2BA lodge at Holiday Hills (Branson, MO) and in January 2009 we upgraded to our Presidential at Seaside Resort (zero maintenance fees).

Stand firm...DO NOT buy/upgrade until you get what YOU want. Don't fall for the sales rep tricks (getting made at you, telling you that you're too poor and shouldn't have come out, saying you're wasting their time, etc., etc.).

The sales reps are on COMMISSION ONLY. They don't get paid if they don't sell. Don't feel sorry for them and buy out of guilt.

If they start getting 'pissy' with you, tell them that they didn't do a good enough job of convincing you to buy---IT'S THEIR FAULT YOU DIDN'T BUY!!!


OK...another update.

We went back in August 2010 for 'another' Owner's Update Meeting...didn't buy anything...same 'ole rigamarole...we did get $150 cash for a two-hour (one-way) drive from Dallas to The Villages.

We also went back in October 2010 guessed Owner's Update Meeting...still didn't buy anything...same 'ole story (one-time good deals)...we did get $150 cash for driving out to The Villages from Dallas.


It is all true I wish there was a way that I could get out of the deal, how about we have two with two maintenance fees...of which need to go away...



Msgr sir either way you got screwed. Those properties suck.


I was at Fiesta Tx in San Antonio and they got me with the wheel spin and the "free" trip that cost me $59. I am having buyers remorse after reading reviews.

How can I get that $59 back?

I used a credit card and have already contacted my back, but I have to wait for the charge to post before they do anything. And they usually ask if I have tried to resolve with the company first.


right now is 10pm me and my boyfriend just got home from that *** presentation,they lie about everything and the place is *** that couldnt be called a resort i would never stay on that place... omg i dint buy anything but thanks god they gave me at least 2 american express cards for 40 dollars each, that helped to pay my gas, but the other prizes is all *** dont go there waste your time


We too are in the same position. Told we needed to keep upgrading to get to use Bonus Time.

We have been able to use it once in the last 14 months. We filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, Texas Attorney General, and BBB of Dallas. I did this last night. Looked up a lawyer in Dallas for a name in case we needed to call someone in to help.

Then I called Silverleaf Corporate this morning and asked for a Manager. Got a Manager on the phone, explained all of the past 14 months and how they are using deceptive trade practices, and informed them of the compalints filed.

She told me they would draw up the paperwork for us to sign to get out of our contract. Once I told her about the complaints and the attorney she jumped right on the paperwork.


Thank you all for sharing your horrible experiences with silverleaf resorts. Reading the complaints has educated us on what crooks they are.

We just did our research and now know about they are just property pushers on crack. We will defintely warn others of this scam.


I used to work for Silver Leaf. By far, it is the worst company I've had the misfortune to work for.

I had to threaten physical violence in order to get my final check. Yes, they treat their employees just like they treat you.

There's an old episode of Dragnet, where they shut down a phone scam operation. Silverleaf should be shutdown also.

LOL, at their stock prices. I'ld buy BP stock before Silverleaf!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #155433

We were so so so so *** to buy this!!!! my gosh why did't someone just slap us in the face.

We just payed them our payment and they cashed it from our bank and they said we were LATE!!!



You should really see how they treat employees


My wife and I went to Silverleaf on Tuesday, 18 May 2010, for an Owner's Update meeting (standard 1 1/2 hour (right!)). The draw?? $150 (one hundred fifty dollars) CASH!!

Dana was our 'initial' contact (tag-team member). She said that we HAD to tour the property, so we spent about a half-hour riding around and ooohing-aaaahing. Then we went into her office. She put us at ease by asking questions...when we said that we could NOT afford to buy, she said that she was required to 'explain' some stuff to us. So we allowed her to continue.

She said that ‘DIAMOND’ owners represented 10% of all Silverleaf owners while the other categories (Presidential, Lodge, Condo, and Cabin) represented 90%. Then she asked us WHO (which category) would get first response back from Customer Service. We said, “Diamond?” and she replied, “Yes. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to be a DIAMOND owner.”

She also went through ‘PLUS’ program….blah, blah, blah. We kept trying to tell her that we couldn’t afford it…the ONLY way we could get an extra week is IF Silverleaf would give us the property AND zero maintenance. And more blah, blah, blah. We explained that we had a Presidential with ZERO maintenance fees and would NOT buy any property with any type of maintenance fee.

She finally came to her LAST couple of points. If we wanted to get a RED-week Lodge, Silverleaf could let us have one for $36K (thirty-six THOUSAND dollars!!!)…50% down ($18K) and $500/$600 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $69).

But, if we wanted a RED Presidential, we could buy one for $68K (sixty-eight THOUSAND dollars), with 50% down payment ($34K) and monthly payments of $1000/$1100 per month (PLUS maintenance fee of $89 per month).

NOTE: Monthly payments are given as rough approximations, only.

We told her again, NO, we can’t afford it. So she said that she would get her boss and have him ‘talk’ with us.

After about 15 or 20 minutes (it seemed longer), Mr. Dave Cortez, Member Services Sales Manager, came in. He basically restated all the stuff Dana had told us, albeit somewhat more concise. We again said, “We can’t afford to buy. The ONLY way was if Silverleaf gave us a property for FREE to include ZERO maintenance.” He sort of scoffed at the idea, and said (more or less) that Silverleaf doesn’t give out ZERO maintenance. Then we told him that we had ZERO maintenance. He looked disbelievingly at us and then turned to the computer. I’m guessing that he pulled up our account ‘cause he then looked at the computer disbelievingly. He asked us how we managed to get ZERO maintenance. We told him that a Member Services person at Holly Lake was so intent (desperate?) on upgrading us from a cabin at Lake O’ The Woods that she offered us ZERO maintenance fees AND ZERO percentage rate on the loan if we upgraded to a condo at Holly Lake (which we really couldn’t refuse). AND, that we had insisted on and kept ZERO maintenance fees ever since. Finally, he said that he wanted to check the computer to see if there was any way he could find us property so that we could become DIAMOND.

Another 15 minutes or so passed. He returned, saying that he thought that he found something that might interest us. He opened with a RED Lodge for $9999 ($5,000 down payment and $300/$400 per month…with maintenance fee). We again stated that we couldn’t afford it.

Then he came out with the piece de resistance (or so he thought). He said that Silverleaf had a property (BLUE Cabin) that had been returned to inventory because the owners had passed away and the non-payment of maintenance fees caused the property to come back to Silverleaf (or something similar). He said the property was priced at $8000 ($4000 down payment, $XXX monthly payment, with $46.50 maintenance fees). However, he said, if we would buy the DIAMOND Plus Program for $5995, he would throw in the property. AND, he brought out a magazine for ??? (Camp Out America or Go Camping America or ???), a camping program where you can rent sites for $4 to $8 a night. He said that if we would pay the $89 to transfer the ‘program’ ownership from the dead couple to us, that he would also throw in the membership (unfortunately, I can’t remember specifically which camping program/magazine was proffered, but I remember the $4 to $8 per night for sites).

OK, we again told Mr. Lopez that we couldn’t afford to buy any additional property. We were in the process of liquidating our assets (selling our house and getting rid of our stuff), buy a pop-up camper, and becoming road gypsies. He said that the DIAMOND ownership was imperative for us to guarantee that we could really enjoy using Silverleaf’s RV sites (not all resorts) and combining it with our Endless Escape. Again, we said, No. He then gave us his business card, wrote Dana’s name, and told us that when we had sold our house, we should give him a call and see what was available at that time.

They finally let us go. Our “90-minute” owner’s update meeting had turned into a 2 ½ hour meeting. We went to the front desk, retrieved our voucher, and then went to the Registration Desk (check-in) and exchanged our voucher for $150.

So, there it is, folks. YOU must remember that these sales people are NOT your best friend and they do NOT have your best interests in mind. The ONLY way they get paid is by COMMISSION; the only way for them to get COMMISSION is to SELL property—at any cost (NOTE: You will pay the cost, so they really don’t care as long as you BUY!). Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat and YOU control their pay. As long as you say, NO, they do NOT get paid. NO matter how many times they ‘push’ you to buy, NO matter how many ‘deals’ they tell you---JUST SAY NO!

Last through the 90-minute (or 2-hour or 3-hour) presentation (a ‘dog and pony’ show) and then walk away with the money. Just make sure you’re not ‘tricked’ into buying!!!

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