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I to, have been with silver leaf for years.Have endless escape.

that they changed to bonus time. I was told that with my endless, I could stay there when ever I wanted. I was told that I could check into one resort, stay 5 days check out of it, and right into a different location, and I could do this over and over. That turned out to be a lie.

I can get in if they have a opening. If they don't have it rented out. and can only plan in a 14 day window. That's like at a drop of the hat, to make your plans.

And then if you get it, they want you to spend hours in a meeting with them. trying to get more of your money. if you don't go to the meeting. then they want to charge you for your stay.

Maintenance fee just keeps going up, from what I was told what it was going to be. its at close to $100 a month right now. at $1200 a year. I can go to a hotel most any where, for a week.

Not to mention how much that I payed for the unit , to start out with. And usly I find the units not cleaned that well.

I could go on and on.Matt

Review about: Silverleaf Resorts Holiday Hills Resort Vacation Ownership.

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My in laws had a membership with silver leaf,but sold it.Sounds like they got out before it got worse.

They said they gave it away when they sold it. They had endless escapes and we used it all the time. Illinois and Missouri locations. The maintenance fee is what drove them away.

I think it was 600 a year when they sold it.. we wish they still had it. But they couldn't afford it anymore.

I have heard nothing but bad things about silver leaf..hope all who have been screwed by silver leaf get their day in court.

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