Well, we have been involved with Silver Leaf since 1999 and like many have the endless escape, bonus time and have 2 Presidential units, and a lodge. We also have handicap access and Ambassador access if no Presidential units are available!

What a joke....sounds good in the sales room but NO ONE seems to have this information in their computers. This company has been sold so many times that it is like a yo-yo! Now, Holiday Inn Orange has bought it. Last visit to The Villages resulted in a salesman being extremely rude and pushing up against my husband.

When we complained corporate made excuses and were "sorry" but did not do anything about it. We need action...if interested stand behind your rights and LET'S take action.

Would be interested to hear from those willing to put forth the effort and help file a class action suit. Sorry folks, thought this was perfect for the golden years...think again.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Silverleaf Resorts. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Definitely interested in a class action. Although I fear that with all the legal wording we are just screwed.

We would not have bought without the bonus time and it is slowly eroding.

Diamond program,Two accounts and now we can only book one bonus time on any day. I'm not interested in getting out, but it's definitely turning into a bait and switch issue with Holiday Inn now taking away what we were promised and paid for.


Silverleaf was incredibly predatory in their sales tactics and said we could resell our weeks if we wanted. But you can't resell if no one wants to buy into this burder.

They claim they aren't a timeshare (lie).

And it's getting harder to pay them now that their website is messed up and you can only call during business hrs.I'm definitely interested! Iwuanyanwu.1@gmail.com


Owner of four deeded weeks , 1 ambassador, 2 presidential, 1 lodge. Benefits that we paid for are continually being stripped away since sale to Orange Lake.

I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit. Please send info to affields@yahoo.com


My name is Midge Potts; along with my mother Cora Potts & my brother William Potts, I'm co~owner of an original unit at Holiday Hills resort near Branson Missouri since 1987.We also have been experiencing problems with their program, especially more since OrangeLake//HolidayInn took over from Silverleaf.Just as you said, the salespeople there now are, not only rude, but also unnecessarily aggressive in their manner when trying to force us to upgrade our unit or whatever.So yes, we would like to talk with you about joining in on a class-action lawsuit in this case.


Hlnkrkptrck@hotmail.comI've owned 2 units for 20 years and can no longer use both at the same time.


Interested, vanderfam5@yahoo.com


I would like to joint the lawsuit as well. My email address is mstj29@yahoo.com


I would like to join the lawsuit as well. My email address is bgonzales2007@yahoo.com

Casey Lay

I used to work for them. That was one miserable job.


How do I sign up for lawsuit. I’m a silver leaf owner as well I’m very mad.

Please email information to me.

pkpayne63@gmail. com

to Penny Payne #1491684

Also I just found out they are booking to none owners now as well


I want to join the lawsuit! Silverleaf is an awful company that is out to get our hard earned money! Erlyle1227@yahoo.com


Has anyone contacted a law firm about this ?. Does anyone know a law firm that would handle this?


Yes think it's a breach of contract.if they sell out an won't give your money back .I got tired of all pushy sales people.




I would like to join the class action suit as well.Financialheadstarts@gmail.com


U am one of these owner who have only spent 4 days at the resort in 4 years because I come close to using it at the time my week comes up. I want out and can fine the right way to get out without effecting my credit report.

I want in on the class action lawsuit. email is usmcr94@aol.con


I'm In JRODELP60@yahoo.com


I want in on a class action lawsuit they are bullies ajd liars that hold u hostage. juymig@aol.com


I'm in to wacopamela@yahoo.com

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