Well, we have been involved with Silver Leaf since 1999 and like many have the endless escape, bonus time and have 2 Presidential units, and a lodge. We also have handicap access and Ambassador access if no Presidential units are available!

What a joke....sounds good in the sales room but NO ONE seems to have this information in their computers. This company has been sold so many times that it is like a yo-yo! Now, Holiday Inn Orange has bought it. Last visit to The Villages resulted in a salesman being extremely rude and pushing up against my husband.

When we complained corporate made excuses and were "sorry" but did not do anything about it. We need action...if interested stand behind your rights and LET'S take action.

Would be interested to hear from those willing to put forth the effort and help file a class action suit. Sorry folks, thought this was perfect for the golden years...think again.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Silverleaf Resorts. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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TWas trying to find information on any class action lawsuits against Holiday Inn Club Vacations/ Orange Lake Resorts. Basically it is a timeshare resort and we were totally conned into this timeshare.

They did not tell us there was a yearly maintenance fee of almost a thousand dollars. They lied to us about what was included in several of their parks and the original park we supposedly hold our original condo at in Conroe Texas has absolutely no security anymore and there has been a murder there and on a separate occasion a murder suspect caught hiding at the resort by the police. Anyone who wants to come in and swim can and does, last time we were there to swim, we ended up covered in peoples hair from the pool. We left and have not been back.

There are tons of hidden fees and we just now found out that the maintenance fee we did not know about is a forever fee even if the condo is paid off. We also just found out the debt of all of the fees will pass onto our children and grandchildren long after we are gone.

We were never told any of this. Please Please email me at Shannon.robert@tdcj.texas.gov OR robert663@sbcglobal.net


I will like to join the class action . This company is a rip off. My name is Reshma Mangra and my email is reshma3777@aol.com.


What is the status of the class action lawsuit against Holiday Inn Club Vacations?


Please add my wife and me to any potential legal actions as I also own two units, one being a presidential. I purchased the s3cond unit specifically to utilize both units at the same time, when bonus time was available, no more...

deloney52@gmail.com (Lenn Deloney. P.O.

Box 2305, Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456-2305


Please add me into any potential lawsuits. I'm pissed that are usage is continually being stripped away. Albenj24@hotmail.com


Please send info on class action suit. Interested in being included. E.malangone@gmail.com


Please add me! I have so many issues that will make anyone’s head spin!

I’ve been a member since 1999 own an ambassador, presidential and lodge and been treated like dirt. I’m 71 years old and have been treated with no respect, told I’m past due and I’ve never missed a payment, say I owe maintenance fees that I’m supposed to be a year behind on and that’s a lie. I can go on and on.

Please add me to this! Barbaracopeland46@gmail.com or tlc1611@gmail.com ***I WANT OUT!!!!***


I will join a class action suit. Please send me info.

Too long to explain here. suzemiller@sbcglobal.net


Sign me up PLEASE!! They defrauded and lied to me when selling me my TS and promised me I could go on vacation to Orlando each time, but I come to learn they sold me a unit that DID NOT QUALIFY or HAD ENOUGH POINTS to allow me to stay at Disney or Silverleaf property, UNLESS I buy MORE UNITS!!!


I still have Silverleaf Bonus Time from 30 years ago - I've been trying DAILY to get even a single night for 2 months now - not a single opening. I'm keeping records.

Would like to know if anyone has insight into if they are 'strangling' Bonus Time availability. Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


any info on lawsuit let me know , i am paying maintenance fees , want way out . or way to sell .

simple want out . vanniko63@gmail.com


Happy to participate in this suit Mmorales0626@gmail.com


I will join the class action lawsuit. Bonita Maglitto BMaglitto1@hotmail.com


Dennis, I am interested in a class action suit as well. I have been very dissatisfied with Silver Leaf. I can be reached at hisd.sydcalcol@gmail.com.


I want to join the class action suit. hobbsmd1509@gmail.com


I will love being a part, I paid for one red season and have been a member since 1995 and they fooled me into buying another one but joined my paid for one to this new one and I got behind and they took both of mine away so now I had to buy another one from Holiday Inn club vacations for 10,000.00 more. 2146092596 Alvin


We have 4 accounts. Unable to use bonus time & inhouse exchange or assigned week at same time.

Timeshare does not work for us like it used to. We put family members on deeds.

Dissatisfied Online reservations will not work. Have to call Owner Services to book endless escape itsmebob@consolidated.net


I am willing to be a part of this class action lawsuit. My wife and I have been with Silverleaf since 1997.

We've seen the drastic changes that have taken place over the years.

In my personal opinion time shares are a rip off. Add us to my email is below senordorhs@gmail.com


I am also unhappy with Silverleaf. I can go on and on about them.

Mainttance sucks and you can't reserve your timeshare when you want to but, they want to get paid.. Sad. If there is a classs action suit please let me know.

I need in on that. Rosela Baker773-610-7104


The original msg was posted in 2015. Is this effort still ongoing or has it died?

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