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Well, we have been involved with Silver Leaf since 1999 and like many have the endless escape, bonus time and have 2 Presidential units, and a lodge. We also have handicap access and Ambassador access if no Presidential units are available!

What a joke....sounds good in the sales room but NO ONE seems to have this information in their computers. This company has been sold so many times that it is like a yo-yo! Now, Holiday Inn Orange has bought it. Last visit to The Villages resulted in a salesman being extremely rude and pushing up against my husband.

When we complained corporate made excuses and were "sorry" but did not do anything about it. We need action...if interested stand behind your rights and LET'S take action.

Would be interested to hear from those willing to put forth the effort and help file a class action suit. Sorry folks, thought this was perfect for the golden years...think again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Just give it back and count your loss, it gets worse.


Would like to participate in a class action suit regarding Endless Escape


I just came aboard on this issue. Has anyone talked to an attorney?

If so would an attorney take the case on a percentage of the lawsuit? Maybe we could call one of those lawyers that advertise on TV for example Roundup weed spray or anything that is high profile.

I wonder how many people that are in the same place with Silverleaf? Anyone has any advice or where to start?


I'm pissed off for having to pay $185.00 to spend 3 nights. I also have the endless escape.

How can they change my deed. But, I don't have the privilege of changing mine.

It's ashame that we are stuck with our deed but they can change ours and take away expensive endless escape. I am willing to file a lawsuit if I am told what to do.


We tried but everyone was all words and not willing to put up the $ to get lawyers to go after this underhand company Orange Lake/Holiday Inn Resorts.


i am in same situation with endless maintenance fees , how do i get myself on board this law suit ?? thank you


Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook


It is complete BS that they are charging for bonus time. Im tires of the BS that Holiday Inn is causing.

Typical big corporation greed is all this is about, They make tons of money lying and cheating people to buy new programs.

Leave our bonus time alone. I want to be part of this law suit Julio


Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us with attorneys fees, GoFundMe is linked there too. We need your support monetary as well


they are charging bonus times when the contract stipulated not supposed to is this going to be also part of the lawsuit


I have been a member for 7 years and yes I'm too have been charged full Bonus Week just recently. I wish to be part of the lawsuit


join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help


I'm also interested in joining the lawsuit. Been an owner since 2011 and have the deed to my cabin. How do I join?


Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us out. There is a group supporting a lawyer to fight this. The information is on the page after you join the first group Owners only.


Totally Agree


Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook is the start


Totally Agree


We have been owners since 1987. Endless Escape is supposed to be grandfathered in.

Nothing in our contract states that there will be additional nightly fees. We would be very interested in filing a class action with other owners.


Did you join and add to GoFundMe,


Did you join and add to the GoFund Me