Well, we have been involved with Silver Leaf since 1999 and like many have the endless escape, bonus time and have 2 Presidential units, and a lodge. We also have handicap access and Ambassador access if no Presidential units are available!

What a joke....sounds good in the sales room but NO ONE seems to have this information in their computers. This company has been sold so many times that it is like a yo-yo! Now, Holiday Inn Orange has bought it. Last visit to The Villages resulted in a salesman being extremely rude and pushing up against my husband.

When we complained corporate made excuses and were "sorry" but did not do anything about it. We need action...if interested stand behind your rights and LET'S take action.

Would be interested to hear from those willing to put forth the effort and help file a class action suit. Sorry folks, thought this was perfect for the golden years...think again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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As a owner who do we contact in reference to this problem that we have in reference to our bonus time This is not right they did not even discussed this with us prior to making that big decision on our bonus time this was not right . My email is lbrown60@hot.rr.com if anybody have any update information please text out less us know


We got the letter today. Ready to join any action to keep them from charging for free bonus time we have had all these years.


Count me in for any legal action. Enough is enough. reigncamp@hotmail.com


My husband is getting ready to call them on Monday. Pretty sure they cant just change the contract whenever they feel like it without us agreeing to the change.

How would they like it if I told them Ive decided to stop paying the ridiculously over priced maintenance fees.

Our bonus time was free. It's the only reason we bought into this TS.

to Melanie Kemp #1613766

You are absolutely correct - I tried to call Friday (Dec 14) and they were not accepting call due to a “event” - I will call Monday but these people don’t give a dam for their owners


I just recieved the letter to. Can they really just change the contract like that.

We pretty much got into this because of the free bonus time and even after upgrading when Holiday Inn took over we where assured the bonus time would still be ours and still be free.

Count us in . Melglove@hotmail.com


I'm totally disappointed with this changes please include me in any class lawsuit action against Silver leaf or Holiday Inn. If is any more information my email: orden57@yahoo.com


We just got our bonus time letter too. This is outrageous!

I need to go look at my contract but pretty sure it says free m-Th.

That is the whole reason we bought in the first place. Please include us, ted_dv@yahoo.com


CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT, COUNT ME IN. jgreene3537@wowway.com


I am also a diamond Silverleaf Resorts owner. I am mad, disappointed with the unilateral changes the new corporate owners are imposing.

Please include me in any law suit actions against the new Silverleaf Resort owner.

Keep me in the loop at deloney52@gmail.com L. Deloney


I want to join on this class action lawsuit as well. I signed up because bonus time was free.

Now they are charging us. I want to know more information on this.

Im pissed!! Rebeccagarcia85@aol.com


I am a Silverleaf endless escape owner. I Just received a letter date 4 December 2018 from Silverleaf/Holiday vacations resort that their will be usage fee of $25.00 charged for Sunday thru Thursday and $75.00 for Friday and and Saturday charged starting 1 January 2019.

Not sure what to do but I am unhappy with this change and I wonder if this is breach of contract and worth being part of a class action suit. I am interested in a class action too.

I am 78 and my time share cost have increased a lot since Holiday took over the management of Silverleaf Resorts. email mason@charter.net


I just got a letter saying my free bonus days will cost me beginning January 1 2019. My deed says Sunday thru Thursday are free.

I am ready to join a class action suit. Has one started?

to WaggishImpala179 #1613200

I can join lawsuit. Email Amory1955@gmail.com

to WaggishImpala179 #1613244

We have the same thing. Very disturbing


Agree to all comments, send all legal paperwork to join: K1i2aH@hotmail.com


What can we do?


Count me in elizabethjhurd@gmail.com


Got our letter today. Count me in. Bjfaust1@msn.com


Count me in - if any get info please send to hherna2030@sbcglobal.net

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