Well, we have been involved with Silver Leaf since 1999 and like many have the endless escape, bonus time and have 2 Presidential units, and a lodge. We also have handicap access and Ambassador access if no Presidential units are available!

What a joke....sounds good in the sales room but NO ONE seems to have this information in their computers. This company has been sold so many times that it is like a yo-yo! Now, Holiday Inn Orange has bought it. Last visit to The Villages resulted in a salesman being extremely rude and pushing up against my husband.

When we complained corporate made excuses and were "sorry" but did not do anything about it. We need action...if interested stand behind your rights and LET'S take action.

Would be interested to hear from those willing to put forth the effort and help file a class action suit. Sorry folks, thought this was perfect for the golden years...think again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Definitely in for the lawsuit. Have been an owner since the late 80s (what a mistake it was to ever join).

I plan to either get into the suit referred to on here, or I am giving it back to them. They can't ruin my credit or threaten me, as it was in another relatives name who is deceased now.

So, if i lose it, no lose at all on my part. I didn't pay the maintenance fees (the relative did).

to Anonymous #1688895

Join the Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us.


We have been owners forever. Now, Holiday Inn comes in and changes everything.

How can that happen?

We have 2 Presidentials and 1 lodge. So frustrated!


We are pissed too!


will opt in

to Anonymous #1685745

Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook, join and put in the fund, is how you can participate


Wanted to know who is filing the lawsuit? Would like to file one as well.

to AmpleGiraffe548 #1685746

Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook join and put in too the GofundMe is how you can participate


John Krenn is the gentleman behind this web site. He has a Facebook page you must join.

Then you must contribute $200. For attorneys fees. Anyone who doesn’t give him $200, will not be apprised of any information about the lawsuit. He is trying to make it only for those who give him money.

First Silverleaf, then Orange Lake Resorts, then... Buyer beware!

to Anonymous #1677534

WRONG! Are you a Silverleaf employee Mr.

Anonymous? You don't have to pay $200 to joint the Facebook Group at all. Nor do you have to join the lawsuit. However you do have to prove you are not an HICV / Silverleaf employee.

However, there is another Facebook Group set up for those who have contributed $200 towards the lawsuit.

Why are you surprised / offended that those involved in the lawsuit want to speak in their own private group? If you aren't a party to the lawsuit, why would you care about what they are discussing?

to TimeShareTalk #1677603

Maybe you should reread what I wrote. I said you have to pay the $200 for lawyers fees otherwise you get no information.

to Anonymous #1677606

Well....uh....YEAH! Why would you get information about a lawsuit you are not a part of? Try asking somebody else who is party to a lawsuit to divulge information.

to Anonymous #1677727


to TimeShareTalk #1677723

Well put, I was not pushed to join or donate, but that is going to help our cause seeing how many are willing.

to Anonymous #1677725

Yep, this is a great effort, i was not pushed or felt compelled, just a great effort, not just griping, and words,


Please let me know if a class action law suit will be filed.

to QuickestGreyReefShark734 #1677537

We are exploring a lawsuit. Please join out Facebook Group to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/groups/661297700670190/


I just found out about the new policy on Endless Escape. For some reason my address was wrong and I never received the revision to the nightly fees. I am also interested in doing anything to reverse this.

to AmiableGreyMouseLemur961 #1676770

Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us fight this, we have to take action, not words.

to AmiableGreyMouseLemur961 #1686236

Yeah, my address must have been wrong too. Talking to them today, learned the Endless Escape will now cost us around $275 wk, even tho when we bought it was included in the annual fees.

They said Endless Escape is actually no more, just Bonus Time for a fee.

And it'll go up too, every year. Pretty much wipes out our reason for "joining."

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