Was trying to find information on any class action lawsuits against Holiday Inn Club Vacations/ Orange Lake Resorts. Basically it is a timeshare resort and we were totally conned into this timeshare.

They did not tell us there was a yearly maintenance fee of almost a thousand dollars. They lied to us about what was included in several of their parks and the original park we supposedly hold our original condo at in Conroe Texas has absolutely no security anymore and there has been a murder there and on a separate occasion a murder suspect caught hiding at the resort by the police. Anyone who wants to come in and swim can and does, last time we were there to swim, we ended up covered in peoples hair from the pool. We left and have not been back.

There are tons of hidden fees and we just now found out that the maintenance fee we did not know about is a forever fee even if the condo is paid off. We also just found out the debt of all of the fees will pass onto our children and grandchildren long after we are gone.

We were never told any of this. Please, Please contact me @ the following e-mails Shannon.robert@tdcj.texas.gov OR robert663@tdcj.texas.gov

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Holiday Inn Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $216000.

Preferred solution: Just release us from the timeshare contract. We just want out. PLEASE.

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We bought into Silvetleaf 30 years ago as charter members. As such ouf contract states that we ere entitled to stay fee upto 6 nights of unblocked time.

We have happily used this benefit all these years and have loved our timeshare. Holiday Inn bought it a couple of years ago and told us nothing would change (a lie).

Now as of a few months ago, they decided to violate the terms of our contract and start charging us per night for bonus time stays. I'm pissed!


We paid them $88,000 and have never been allowed to use the timeshares. I keep asking for a refund and they keep asking for more money.

I will never give them another dime. They didnt even register the last 12 payments that I sent in for maintenance fees years back.

Although they certainly did cash the checks I sent in. Complete scam.


I would like to join the class action lawsuit.


We have been long time members they have violated their contract with us with new charges on bonus time. We would be interested also in the class action lawsuit.

to Anonymous #1658571

Silverleaf Resort Owners Group on Facebook then join


Originally purchased at Holiday Hills every other year and loved the bonus time. Converted into Orange Lake Trust for annual usage Ozark Mountain.

Received notification that Sunday through Thursday is now $25/night and Friday and Saturday is now $75/night. This is not what I was originally told or agreed to. Looking over the contract and it states the bonus time agreement can be changed at any time.

I would never have made this purchase if I knew this was going to happen. Please keep me posted of any class action lawsuits regarding this issue.


I also am a member at Piney Shores. Holiday Inn does not honor the contract I had with Silverleaf.

It is no longer secure or private.

The bonus time I paid for is now an additional $25. a night along with another increase in monthly dues.


Im interested in participting in a class action against Orange Lake, 4 months after my husbands death I went in for a presentation at sliverleaf in sheridan, Ill. My husband enjoyed going there and he'd upgraded to a package of a Lodge at Sheridan, Ill and 2 ambassador units at Holiday Hills in Branson, Mo.

I was told that my maintenance would not go up..3 times I asked and was told no. Then the joy that came over their faces when they told me of how the future was toward Orange Lake and Silverleaf would be no longer.I'd have the opportunity to add the ambassador units and receive many points and bonus time would still be there. Here's the truth:Maint. dues doubled.

Bonus time you pay for nightly. Bad truth in lending and took me for $23000

to Pat Bak #1639069

Contact Maxt@advcc.org he will send you a well written complaint letter and a link to the Texas Attorney General. I plan on submitting my complaint this week.

The Attorney General will act as our attorney if they take the case.

I've been an owner since 1998 and I'm devastated. Rosendo35@hotmail.com

to Anonymous #1646587

Any news on a lawsuit? I want to be part of it. Thanks, WGR

to W G Rowe #1650769

I would take part in that lawsuit as well!

to Anonymous #1680113

I also been a member since the 80's ,very disappointed as well I would like be added legal action please keep me informed at krawlings23@gmail.com

to Pat Bak #1666128

Me too they changed for fees they told me they didn't have. Foreclosed on a my time share when they said they would buy it back if I asked them to.

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