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Was trying to find information on any class action lawsuits against Holiday Inn Club Vacations/ Orange Lake Resorts. Basically it is a timeshare resort and we were totally conned into this timeshare.

They did not tell us there was a yearly maintenance fee of almost a thousand dollars. They lied to us about what was included in several of their parks and the original park we supposedly hold our original condo at in Conroe Texas has absolutely no security anymore and there has been a murder there and on a separate occasion a murder suspect caught hiding at the resort by the police. Anyone who wants to come in and swim can and does, last time we were there to swim, we ended up covered in peoples hair from the pool. We left and have not been back.

There are tons of hidden fees and we just now found out that the maintenance fee we did not know about is a forever fee even if the condo is paid off. We also just found out the debt of all of the fees will pass onto our children and grandchildren long after we are gone.

We were never told any of this. Please, Please contact me @ the following e-mails Shannon.robert@tdcj.texas.gov OR robert663@tdcj.texas.gov

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Holiday Inn Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $216000.

Preferred solution: Just release us from the timeshare contract. We just want out. PLEASE.

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My husband and I were lied about being able to sell it back. They said we can sell it back at any time just like a home.

They said there would not pay fees to transfer our points.

We were completely lied too! We would like to joint this class action too.


There is no class action, we tried no interest to pay for attorneys fees, give it back to them.


We originally owned property at Silverleaf and were talked into converting to the HI Club and we would like OUT. I regret the day I fell for this and feel the company is only out to milk as much money out of their owners as they can and provide the lowest customer service possible.

We were rushed into the sale and lots of what was promised was vague and misleading.

The annual maintenance fees are unbelievable and someone should do something about this legally. Some brave attorney needs to step forward and help with a class action suit.


I would like also to join in a class action against their scam of milking out their unsuspecting owners!!


We tried, only 80 out of 1000's would put up money, quit complaoning and just give it back and live life good againe.


I would like to join in the lawsuit.


The Abrams Firm (https://www.theabramsfirm.com) is a consumer protection law firm that focuses solely on timeshare divestment and litigation. Depending on the resort they offer either a no upfront fee contingency divestment (you pay only when they get you out of your timeshare) or low cost all-inclusive litigation fee. Check out their reviews and call for a free consultation with one of their attorneys at (360) 918-8196.


I would like to join in on the lawsuit also just found out I have to pay for bonus time and the fees are constantly going up. I have been a member for over thirty years and I am not pleased at the way things are going


Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help. There is a GofundMe grouo of serious owners willing to put up cash to fight this unscrupulous Orange Lake.


I will like to participate in a lawsuit against Silver Leaf Resort. My email gunner44b@gmail.com


I would like to participate in any lawsuit against Silver Leaf Resort you can contact me at gunner44b@gmail.com


I support it !


I would like to join in the lawsuit also just find out I had to pay for bonus time been a member of silverleaf resorts for over thirty years. i'm


I was told that if I left Silverleaf and went with Holiday Inn Club Vacations / Orange Lake resort they would buy my old contract and the money I invested would be my down payment monthly note would increase by 50.00 and move up to the Signature level . Couple of months pass I get a call to come in at any location of my choice so when I get I was told I don't have points to have access to the Signature level and they tried to get me to give them 6K .

Then after I file a complaint they tell me there is no signature level even though it's on my paperwork.

There should be a law against pressured misleading time share sales. If a Class action is a result of all these unfortunate situations count me in.


go join the Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and contribute to the GofundMe


So much was misrepresented or not mentioned. We were told we were grandfathered and fees would not exist. One of the biggest lies is that it doesn't matter when or where we have a unit; when in actuality it matters a lot in regards to value.


True regarding their misrepresentation!


I am also a pissed customer of Silverleaf and Holiday Inn Resorts. I bought into the Holiday Inn point system and was told the property from Piney Shores could be used to as part of the payment for Holiday Inn.

Later I discovered I was paying for Silverleaf, Pineyshores and Holiday Inn. I have been drowning in fees from this company. Also, contacted almost daily about fees.

I would agree with a class action lawsuit. After speaking with other members I also found several members that have stories of being lied to.


Go to the Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us out. Go Fund Me for our legal fees has been set up, we are gaining momentum against this deceptive practice.


I've been trying to join the Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on FB but haven't heard back from "John" .... any help to get me in would be appreciated!

I'd be part of the Go Fund Me for sure! Thanks!