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We have been owners with Silver leaf Resorts almost 20 years now. Prior to the buyout by Holiday Inn Resorts, we were very happy owners who used our membership quite frequently.

We also referred multiple friends and family who bought into the company. My original contract States that included in our ownership was free RV and tent camping. Also included was rental of cabins on the property among other things. They now no longer offer free RV camping, no tent camping at all, and have stopped renting the cabins.

All of these things were a big part of our decision to buy into the timeshare at the time of purchase. I paid every payment ever owed until my timeshare was paid in full and continue to pay maintenance fees each month. Yet so many amenities included in my purchase contract have now been taken away without recourse. Not to mention the very limited access to bonus time due to the inclusion of the new Holiday Inn Resort owners.

Each time I try to utilize the facilities, I'm informed of new restrictions and policies that were not a part of my original purchase contract. I kept my end of the agreement by paying for what I was contractually promised. Now Silverleaf Resorts needs to step up and be held accountable for breach of contract. I would be more than willing to be a party to any class action lawsuits to assist owners in being compensated for their loss of contractually promised rights.

My email is lisa62278@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me.

I am already planning to explore my legal avenues with an attorney in the coming weeks and will be more than happy to tell you what I find out. It is a clear and evident breach of contract to owners and needs to be addressed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I’m interested. Jct3d@aol.com


Owner since 95. I actually didn't might the increase for maintenance fees too much.

We use the program all the time just to make sure it was worth the extra fees. But now they have priced us out. It now cost more to use than going else where outside Silverleaf. This is their last stitched effort to get everyone off the Endless Escape plan.

Already filed with Texas AG, suggest you do so as well. Count me in on civil action srener@live.com

to Anonymous #1636726

Iwhat is the process of filing with the Texas AG office?


My family has owned for >20 years. We also own Endless Escape.

When I called to make my reservation (21 days in advance) as my contract with Silverleaf allowed, I was informed that Holiday Inn would be charging me a fee to stay PLUS a deposit in addition to the fees we pay every month. I am furious. The original contract did not require us to pay any of these additional fees. Something needs to be done.

They have been trying to get us to switch to their point system, but we have consistently refused. We bought what we did at the time we did because it was worth it.

We have consistently paid and have also dealt with increases in the monthly maintenance fees. Please, inform me if there is a lawsuit or anything to do with getting us justice with this issue: JFuller79@live.com


We are in for class action suit. We have honored our contract for over 30 years and complied with all membership fee increases in a timely manner.

To charge for bonus time & decrease availability is a violation of the contract We would be happy to have action that requires Orange lake to buy the contract back at market value or honor the contract and deed we own on the week. Please continue to post how to proceed with a class action suit.


Count me in the lawsuit, too!! karmanrosern@gmail.com We bought the 15th week, which is red, for every year back in the early nineties.

We used to use it a lot when our children were young but use it very seldom, maybe once every other year, for the bonus time. I too, did not complain about hikes in fees or less accessability because I understood.

THIS.... this has gone too far!!


The hotels are buying these because they are cash cows and rent our units out whenever they want. I guess they couldn't get enough of us to change to a point system so using another way of gettin money for nothing. Dbday1ph@gmail.com


I agree tent camping was one of the reasons I bought. kaykam28@gmail.com


Is this going to be a class action lawsuit and have anyone Proceeded with the action lawsuit




12/13/2018 … I am having the same problems as everyone else. Owners of multiple 'paid for' units since 1999.

No issues with timeshares until Holiday Inn Club Vacations took over. Not happy and very disappointed with their management! The only reason we bought into SilverLeaf was because we were able to go to any of the SilverLeaf Resort properties anytime we wanted provided a unit was available. As presidential owners we also got additional perks (i.e., late check-out, priority check-in, etc.) which HICV has eliminated.

Received letter today stating there would now be fee for Endless Escape and Bonus Time! This is the straw … If there is to be a class action lawsuit, please count us in: mbllady@yahoo.com and/or pwlusk@aol.com.

Please keep us updated! Regards.


ive thought that for years. my email is atlantisgroup@mail.com


Class Action Suite, I am in too!


Totally been saying that for over 30 years. BIG RIP OFF!


I also bought into the De Soto Timbercreek resort with Silverleaf. The resort had not been completed when I got my timeshare and none of the things they said would happen did.

I got the red membership for every other year. We enjoyed camping in a secure place but now they have no tent camping at all.My family has outgrown the resort and I can not even give it away.Not only did they not keep promises and bug me the whole time I am at the resort to sell me more, they are now telling me that I have to give them a credit card to check into the room for my week.This seems like bull to me because I have already paid maintaince for 2 years to get my free week.I would love to hear what you have found out.

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