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This is going to be breathtaking to most people.I am a current timeshare owner and an attorney in Texas.I have been with this so-called company for over 15 yrs and my parents since 1997(OUCH).No resolution,no communication, no follow up, no understanding, and of course no truth to hold or accountability.Just like millions others,we were told so many things and in the end we received FALSE HOPE AND FALSE PROMISES.After I researched this co.and it's affiliates, as well as it's parent holding agents aka (Holiday Inn Vacation Club/Orange Lake Resort/Dallas Texas timeshare(which there is no file for does not exist at all), it has come to my attention that a new approach must take place..You see, there is no weeks past a certain amount of time that is alotted. There is no guarantee to have a secure reservation unless you are camping out in your car and waiting for the place to open.Which could create an intense level of frustration.But, forget about any of that.

I would like for each and everyone of you to understand the most important process of dealing with CROOKED HUMAN BEINGS..Everyone of us signs up for this timeshare program believing and trusting in what they say and will do.1st- The Promissory Note(importance factor out of a scale of (1-10) is a 6..2nd- The Deed of Trust(7)..3rd The Deeds Lien(8)..4th-The Addendum(9)..5th-The-Contract for sale(10..Most Inportant of all)..Have you ever wondered why things just don't add up in our world..Well it starts at the "business doorstep" at it ends with the" casket and funeral".Every time share links to ur children, grandmother, grandfather, etc for life..The contract itself "does not state that", but the company will tell u it does(outright lie and form of threat imposed upon).Illegal upgrades through false awareness, false assumptions, and non permissable recordings that was never granted by the "timeshare owner".Oh, and by the way, these other so-called Timeshare Co's that will get u free of your burdens and restore credit and confirm this in writing with a notary and a lawyer////IS A FARCE/////.BE WARE.90% OF THESE CO'S ARE NOT BACKED..WHICH MEANS THAT YOUR DEAL IS NOT SOLID, NOR WILL IT HOLD UP IN THE COURT IF LAW..YOU WILL HAVE TO SUE THEM AND START ALL OVER.MAJORITY OF LAWYERS WILL LIE TO U ABOUT TGE PROCESS-JUST TO GET UR MONEY....DISGUSTING..HOW DO U WIN WHEN IS SAID AND DONE! Unfortunately there is only one way to do this.

And it is not with Timeshare exit Team, Resort Release, Resort Relief, Timeshare Exit 123, or Wesley Financial Group..You see guys, there has to be a strong "player in the game" for "YOU".So what does all this mean..Well, in a nutshell, my colleagues and advisors "ARE GOING TO BATTLE FOR YOU".WE HAVE 127 timeshare owners permission and info with concrete and viable evidence that will be held up in the court of law..We have good, upstanding, and faithful judges in the state of Texas that will rule in your favor and seek' JUSTICE FOR LIFE'.THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE I WILL BE TAKING DOWN POWERFUL AND DISHONORABLE GIANTS..OUR COMMITTMENT IS THIS...MINIMUM LAWSUIT VALUED AT $226 BILLION/TIMESHARE OWNERSHIP ANNULLED/SIGNATURE FROM HIGH AUTHORITIES-NOTARY AND ATTORNEY/LAST BUT NOT LEAST "GUARANTEE FROM ANY RETALIATION". Today it gives me great pleasure to move forward to the unseen heights, and lay down the fools and allow their embarrassment to be seen ONCE AND FOR ALL..MY CELL #210-689-3145/MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS HOW SERIOUS I AM..WE WILL MAKE HISTORY TOGETHER AND MAKE OUR LEADERS ABIDE BY THE TRUTH...HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I AM WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSES..THANK YOU!!!THIS IS A JUST A GLIMPSE OF HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL BE REJOICING

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Holiday Inn Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I would like to join the class action lawsuit.


Hope is true!!!

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