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Went for a gift. My 19 yr old signed up at a Chicago Bulls game to win a car, vacation or money.

It was b.s. We were bothered incessantly that we won a major prize. After trying to tell her it was a scam, she still drove almost 75 miles to "claim" her winnings?? a) car/$49k---1/53000 b)$1500 shopping spree or $500 cash---10/53000.

c)Or guarenteed 4N/5D Island vacation---No airfare and *** load of taxes. But she was guarenteed 2nights/2people/2flights to Orlando or Vegas. Got the *** taxed out of us, flight leaving on Spirit airlines @3pm arriving in some *** hotel 20 miles from Vegas, after a layover at 8 p.m., all day long timeshare presentation, finally free at 5p.m., with flight leaving next morning at 7;30 a.m. So with taxes, cabs and fee's it was almost $300 for a *** hotel way outside Vegas and no real time to do anything.

This is the sleaziest most worthless company in the world. I had a *** of a time cancelling out the "deal" she signed up for and now her credit is jacked up.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE A SCAM.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Huntley, Illinois, United States #932108

Also entered at a bulls game and was given the guaranteed prize speech. Thanks so much for posting your experience, it allowed me to avoid this scam.

My naivety as a 21 year old almost fooled me into going. Thanks again!

Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States #762442

We had a horrible experience. It's not worth it.


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Killeen, Texas, United States #648269

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #608571

Same thing happened to my younger sister. Did your daughter take "2people/2nights/2flights trip ?

That was really special- flight out late afternoon, layover, get to Vegas@8pm to some *** hole outside of town only to have to attend all day time share presentation the next day. And to top it off, the flight back next morning was at 8 am.

After paying taxes, fee's and cab fair just to and from airport cost her almost $300.

This place is a total scam.

to Hugh2013 Zion, Illinois, United States #658124

Wow thank you guys so much, Im 19 and Im not sure if I was targeted by this but I sure am happy that I looked it up first. I was bothering my parents about taking me down there and almost left out in the morning.

Everything you guys mentioned they promised me.

I really wanted to win the car but now its just so disappointing to find out that its all a scam that I almost got suck into. Thanks so much.

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