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Got the call after filling out a raffle in the mall.They called and said I won a one of 3 cars or $49,000.

He said it was a guarantee and that I had to go to the resort to claim my prize. He said I didn't even have to take the tour, but that I did have to go. Then he said I'd get a 'scratch off' and that will reveal my prize. So, I've read tons of reviews, over all consensus...BAD, SCAM don't waist your time.

So is this a flat out lie? Or is it like a one in a million win like the lottery? Not one review mentioned winning these serious prizes

I'd like to see if there's any lucky winners out there.

Lots of reviews are 'thanks for the fore warning, I'm canceling my visit!' So I don't know if they'd have won their car!So....has anyone heard of anyone winning the Mercedes or BMW?

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Hi, I Just got the same call, I also entered the raffle at the mall. They said that I had won one of the 3 cars or the cash prize, however, on the confirmation email is says "You will receive an Instant Gold card (entry form) and a Bonus Gift Certificate. Scratch off any five (5) squares on your Instant Gold card. If you reveal five (5) Pots of Gold, you are the instant winner of a new MERCEDES BENZ M-Class, BMW X5 or PORSCHE Cayenne, value $49,000 or $49,000 CASH!".... So I called back and they confirmed that indeed you do get a scratch ticket(which the first guy that I spoke to didnt mention, he said that I had already won) in order words, you havent won the car yet. :roll

I have the tour scheduled for this coming Saturday and Im not sure if I'm going yet. So far, only bad revies online.

to Ambar #761817

To be honest with you, I went on this tour at oak n spruce last year when my mother got the invitation to go up there in exchange for some free trips.Sounded good so we went.

They didn't tell her she won a car or money but they did give us the scratch off which won us nothing. The trips they gave us were much like what you read in the reviews... had to make reservations long in advance, down payment, pay for your own travel, inconvenient days of stay. Also, they gave Mom the gas card which required you send in your gas receipt each month for 4 months for a reimbursement of $10 a month.

As far as the resort goes, I'v seen much nicer rooms then these. They were small and run down, nothing to write home about. Worst part of all was the bull dog of a salesman that refused to take NO for and answer. They keep trying to persuade you to buy making the offer juicier and juicier each time you would say 'NO thank you'.

We hung on of coarse because we wanted our gift, but it was a grooling nightmare. Hours of this! There was no food and I needed to eat, my mother is hypoglycemic and also needed to eat, I swear, this guy didn't care! He brought in his manager, then he brought in another manager, it was worse the Chinese water torched!!!

Finally when they let us go we were directed to another room to wait there for our gift. We waited another 50 minutes or so, the people in there looked SO miserable. If you've ever been on the subway in NYC and looked...

So when we got this call last week saying we won a car or money, I had to investigate it further. It seems NO one has won a car or money. We never did take the trips Mom won, it was too difficult to arrange according to their specifications. This was such a horrible experience it's cured me from ever going to one of those sales pitches EVER again.

Trust me, the free gift is NOT worth it. So, if you go Saturday (I hope you're not driving too far, we drove 3 hours) please let me know how it went, I'd like to hear your take on the experience. But let me say, unless you're truly in the market for a resort time share ownership, don't waste your time, seriously!

You'll have more fun visiting Santa at the mall!Good Luck!

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