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Silverleaf owner-need help taking it to the man

After doing a bunch of research and learning that Silverleaf has used many illegal tactics, I'm almost ready to take it to the man. I was wondering if any of you out there could give me some more insider info. I've read over my contract a few times and all of my research is stacked against them. My goal is to get rid of the contract and get my moolah back. Any suggestions?? I'm a a P*ssed off consumer, but I'm not going to wait any longer to get my HARD earned money back from these loosers.

Monetary Loss: $13.


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I'm in please contact via email shery_lpz@yahoo.com


I would love to sell my silverleaf timeshare as well or get into a class action lawsuit.

Please contact me rajiv124@gmail.com


I would love to sell my silverleaf timeshare as well. bobbiegdavis@hotmail.com


Need to sell our Silverleaf timeshare, if interested please contact me, e.zachari@hotmail.com


I am having the same issues.Paid it off 5 years ago tried to list and sell tried to give away but benefits drop off, even signing back over they want years ahead of maintenance fees.

I don't know what else to do.I never even use it paid off and can't give it back

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1336446

My husband and I have a Presidential red week 10 at Seaside Galveston that we now refuse to pay for.We have a paid off Presidential at Hill Country.

After the Holiday Inn purchased Silverleaf the policies changed, and we were unable to use our paid for unit at Hill Country. Last time we stayed at Seaside our unit had bedbugs, and I and my husband were bitten numerous times. Reported this to the Resort Manager and as a result had to move 2 times during this stay. I took pictures of the bites and the bed bugs in the bed and still have them.

Now, I just want to get rid of the Seaside condo.

Willing to join ANY lawsuit against this company.

Contact me at sthie41691@aol.com

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1356073

Is their lawsuit against them- please let me know- I will join also

Houston, Texas, United States #1332018

email if interested in selling timeshare or a simple takeover. not a re-seller


to chris Illinois, United States #1349863

I know a friend that is interested in getting rid of her time share

to chris #1352259

Want to get rid of mine...carlie1708@gmail.com

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