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I would also like to join in a class action suit against Holiday Inn Vacations Clubs, purely for the reason they bought us now they are rebranding the property to their point system and allowing their members to use our deeded properties but refusing to allow us to use theirs. I feel that the law is on our side when it comes to our ownership and them allowing non owners use which limits our ability to fully use our properties that are now being occupied by non silverleaf owners.

I feel that we should have access to heir properties if their owners have access to ours. My email is Sayelogistics@gmail.com feel free to contact me there..

T.J. Saye

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: violation of use infringing owners rights.

Monetary Loss: $16400.

Preferred solution: either full acess to all holiday inn properties or a full buyout of my time share. I am currently shopping class action attorneys, Pay me and Ill go away..

  • silverleaf resorts scam
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I would like to know how to join this lawsuit.


count me in


I too am upset at these owners, they are not honoring our original contracts we had with Silverleaf. We never had to leave a deposit for our stays ( not included in our contract) along with the other things people are saying. I want in on the class action lawsuit


I am pissed also. Holiday Inn is ripping off the owners of the Silverleaf properties.

Would be happy to join a Class Action Lawsuit.

They need to buy our timeshares at the price we paid for it. Type your message here


I would like to join. They are ripping us off and I don't want to invest any more money to change to points.

I have 2 weeks, one presidential and one regular.

I wouldn't mind selling. lambbarn@gmail.com


I am also pissed. I was told that either we buy into Holiday Inn for points or we would never get to use their properties. Sign me up


Count me in. Thekat79@gmail.com.

We are paid in full. My monthly fee is now 99.65, a big increase over time. Lost bonus time that was in original contract and fees still going up annually. Rooms are not adequate, black mold, leaking, carpet filthy, etc.

What is our increasing fees paying for? They are not taking care of us.


Agreed and I don’t think we should have to pay for bonus time which was part of our original contract. 99.65 a month is 1200.00 a year plus now have to pay for bonus time!

It’s a rip off! Count me in jenniferkgoudeau@yahoo.com




I have the same issues. Very dishonest and deceiving company. I have lost my endless escapes and free Bonus Time that I had in my original contract.


We are owners as well, our complaints are the same as the others. Mostly the dues are killing us.

We would like to know how we can sell our timeshare and make some money off of it.

We are sorry that we have already spent so munch money and its not even worth it. We, my husband and I are not able to travel any more, so we are not using it, but are bound legally to pay for it.Yes include us in the class action suit.


I am also a silverleaf owner. I am so not happy with the changes..

Please include me in lawsuit. Shott00@aol.com


I am in the same shape had a endless escape now I have tp pay per night for bunus time before was free not my original contract. I thought we owned our week they make you feel like your renting a room.

Also dues keep getting higher, we can’t go to the other Holiday time shares but they can come to Silverleaf but they can come to us, I now hear you call the resort and rent a week not be a member or have a RCI account. Is this a time share or hotel?


Count me in. I would love it if they just bought me out.

I have owned for over 20 years and I am sick they changed the bonus time.

With all the crazy fees and it keeps going up. I was at $35.00 when I bought and I am now over $90.00 a month.


I have asked them many times for my deed and they wont provide it. Add me to the list.

gmoore2815@gmail.com. I dont even get to use my bonus time.


Yes please include me in the class action law suit. My time share is paid in full.

My contract was with Silverleaf and I am grandfather in for bonus time. I recently refinanced my home and immediately another lender bought my loan from the original lender. There was no changed to my contract. There was no additional fees or charges assessed.

Can a lender buy your timeshare when it is paid in full? No lender can buy my deed on my home if it is paid in full.

Legally, Holiday Vacation Club stole my deed. my email is smokey5727@yahoo.com


Yes I am a silverleaf owner, I am pissed, how can I be included in the class action law suit




Yes. I agree and include in the law suit where Holiday Inn is now charging Silverleaf owners to use bonus time.


I'm also against paying for bonus time that we paid for years ago .