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I would also like to join in a class action suit against Holiday Inn Vacations Clubs, purely for the reason they bought us now they are rebranding the property to their point system and allowing their members to use our deeded properties but refusing to allow us to use theirs. I feel that the law is on our side when it comes to our ownership and them allowing non owners use which limits our ability to fully use our properties that are now being occupied by non silverleaf owners.

I feel that we should have access to heir properties if their owners have access to ours. My email is Sayelogistics@gmail.com feel free to contact me there..

T.J. Saye

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: violation of use infringing owners rights.

Monetary Loss: $16400.

Preferred solution: either full acess to all holiday inn properties or a full buyout of my time share. I am currently shopping class action attorneys, Pay me and Ill go away..

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Hi, I'd be interested in exploring a lawsuit as well. I will say, though, that I am going to read my contract word for word before I pursue anything.

If Silverleaf covered themselves in the contract, then it's going to be a difficult ride. Things like buyouts and maintenance fee increases are usually carefully worded. Also folks, you DO NOT have to transfer your ownership to the points system.

Only do so if you're really in the market to upgrade. With the advent of VRBO and airbnb, there's really not much reason to own timeshares anymore.


Gosh I have been out of the loop and when Silverleaf calls I avoid them. They are always so harsh and never leave pertinent information on their voice messages.

Until yesterday 10/5, something about I had to talk to this senior rep about the new ownership because this was the last day she could assist with my account and she would only be in office until 6p, sh left message at 5:25 and only called once that whole day. And she didn’t give me a big enough window to return her call. After reading some of the comments I had no idea this was going on, I knew of buyout but not other things.

I was assured nothing would change with how things worked. COUNT ME IN ON CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!


Is this still active? What is the status of this? Was a lawsuit formed?


Sign us up for the suit. tubbin@sbcglobal.net


I would join in on the lawsuit too. kiaw@bellsouth.net Thanks


I am interested in joining this class action suit. Mmorales0626@gmail.com

to Megan Morales #1553523

I am interested in joining this class action suit.


Yes I would like join


I would like to join in the class action suit.


Add me please to the class action suit. majorhoolihan@yahoo.com


please include me in class action lawsuit my email is Kimberly.mays@emoryhealthcare.org


Please add my email address to the class action lawsuit suenrandy2001@yahoo.com.


please keep me in the loopjacieglud@hotmail.com


Count me in evsionproductions@gmail.com


add me Emilyt1990@yahoo.com to this lawsuit


I am interested in the class action lawsuit because they took my online payments and did not place the payments where they were supposed to go, charged me a late fee on my dues and finance charge and now are threatening to foreclose due to unpaid dues not the principal which is almost paid off. They want me to pay over $1,500 in association dues due to their negligence before they were bought by Holiday Inn.

Even though I am paying on them I still get assessed a late charge and finance charge as if they are a credit card. I am not allowed to use any property until this entire amount for association dues is paid in full. They are not willing to make any concessions nor payment arrangements on this amount even though they admitted on the so called recorded conversation that it was their fault. They put this on my credit as a failure to pay and then did not go back and report the correction in October 2017.

They have not reported again to the credit bureaus and now doesn't show up on the credit at all.

This company has many dubious and unethical practices and something must be done about them! Ladylat1913@gmail.com




I have been an owner sence 1989 i have seen alot of changes but this one bothers me also for a large fee i can join the holiday inn club .to extend places i cvan go but as an ownwer its not right i have to pay more money to join when they are giveing there people useag of our owned time shares we paid for. the share should be even both ways and i wonder do there people pay matience fees?

mine went up and continues to go up . i started at $30 a month and know its $90. i'm told will be going up again. i feal like im being squessed out of my ownership .now retired its harder to pay those fees but i can't sell it .

i can give it bavk to them but they won't buy it back ?? The so called owners meetings is just a high presserd meeting to get you to give more money to them.

and i'm at a resort i saved 3 years to get here and they are Renting the units out to anyone . so not right .Barbara


psaldana2012@gmail.com Please add me to the lawsuit.


Please include me as well.Dianagarcia714@gmail.com

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