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My wife and I go suckered into buying into Silver leaf Resorts on Lake Palestine. They promised us the moon and delivered nothing.

We booked three times before we could ever get a room to stay in, then when we did, the sewer was overflowing into the floor in the bathroom, and the couple staying next to us had their pair of jet skis stolen right from in front of their condo that night. Anyway, after trying over and over to get into the condos to stay the night, only to be turned away each time saying that they were over booked, we decided we WERE going to get our money back. We had paid them over $8000 not including any maintenance fees. I called the resort and they basically laughed in my face when i asked for a full refund.

SO, I wrote to the Attorney Generals Office and filed a formal complaint with them. I explained how this was a fraud/scam and explained to them how i was lied to in order to get me to buy into this. Long story short, Attorney Generals Office investigated my complaint, we went through a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, which they completely took care of and i received a check from Silver leaf resort for a full refund plus all maintenance fees i had paid in the two years i was an owner. Silver leaf told me in order to get the refund, i would have to sigh a waiver for them saying that I would NEVER tell anyone about this refund or how i got it.

Of course i signed it, but i was then advised by the Attorney Generals Office that the waiver wasn't a legal document and wasn't worth the paper it was written on. Since then i have been telling everyone i know to get their money back and have helped alot of people get every dime of the money back they spent on this ripoff.

If you need any help, you can call me and i will walk you through the process. 903-724-1123

Monetary Loss: $8.

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please help me get out 2017 they sold it to holiday inn and now asking for more money. cbgrw@aol.com

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1258490

How did you do it please let me know !!!!


Can you please help me! I got a call from an advocate that wants to charge me $2995.00 to get me out of my Silverleaf contract.

Carrollton, Texas, United States #851911

I too have been dooped by the promises and strong salespeople at Silverleaf. When my girlfriend and I said we couldn't afford it, they kept tweaking and adjusting things to make it so that we could at least put some money down.

Even went as far as having a salesman follow us 2 hours home to get a check from us. That was 4 months ago. Since then we've only been able to make it out there once, in what was supposed to be a free trip, and spent hours of our weekend listening to them trying to upsell us (when we said we could barely afford it as is). Things have gotten harder.

My girlfriend lost her job and I've had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. We cancelled our cable, she's selling her car... times are hard! We can't afford luxuries at this point.

When I called Silverleaf to explain our situation and ask for a refund, they not only said no, but seemed incredibly insensitive to our situation. I need as much help as possible to not only cancel, but also to get at least a partial refund.

Please help! Tom_Clair51@yahoo.com God bless

to Tom #1014538

Did you ever get any help?

Fishkill, New York, United States #729465

Help me get my money back PLEASE!!! What a scam! Please email me at 'Monique.platt@yahoo.com'

I only wish I did my research thoroughly before I bought into their pressure sales team!



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I wouldn't be surprised that some of the positive experiences noted here are silverleaf employees making posts.


I believe I was lied to when I purchased a second week and was told I could tie the white chairman week to my red lodge week and have all year high availability to chairman's and presidential's with back-to-back bookings because of diamond plus. Well come to find out that is a complete lie!

Anyone have luck getting their money back?

I need help. cfizz34@hotmail.com

Graford, Texas, United States #287138

Bought a timeshare in march, but what I was shown is not what we got. Very disappointed due to the fact that Im about to retire from the military and bought this with plans of spending much needed time with my five children.

If you can help me get out of this scam please email me @ bufordh1973@yahoo.com. Thanks.


My sister passed away 6/24/10 and, unbeknownst to the family, she had never gotten out of her Silverleaf contract. After dealing with these people, we now understand how she got suckered in (promises never delivered) and why she could not get out.

July thru Nov., I dealt with well over a dozen customer service reps. (never get same one, even tho they give you "direct" extension), emailed two offices, filled out paperwork & notarized (they seem to always send the "wrong" ones), paid what three people confirmed we owed (but still kept getting higher bills), and gave them a threatening deadline in November. Did not hear from them after that, until recent phone call in Jan. that left message for my sister.

On previous advice, I am not answering nor returning their phone calls.

This company needs to be taken to court, sued & dissolved before any more damage is done. I sincerely hope this forum gets the word out to any potential buyers.


I am also an owner of Silverleaf property in IL(Fox River-Presidential). My wife and I bought this property 2 years ago. We loved the Bonus time and used it MO, TX and IL. The kids loved it and had a great time. Last year we got called about a Member Update Meeting and was told we needed to come and review the upcoming changes. After weeks of saying 'no' we finally agreed and went. We were told about the new Diamond Plus program and all the benefits that we would get. Split time, able to use the weeks together, didn't need the 7 day lag time to use bonus if we had 2 properties. I am good about my deals and asking for everything in writing. Since we had great success with the first deal and getting everything that was told to us and written down, I didn't ask for the writing. I thought they were good with their word. They said that since we were already Presidential we didn't need a Red time, we could get all the benefits of a Presidential red time with the Blue time property. No hassles with Bonus times and using back to back ANY TIME of the Year. Sad thing was the Sales Rep was a Former CHICAGO BEARS player. How could he lie to us? About 3 months after buying into the Diamond Plus we tried to use the back to back Bonus time. We were told the BLUE time could not be used during the Red time. I went off, not please at all. Tried to get a hold of our Sales reps. The Sales manager called me back the next day. We discussed the agreement that he was in the office for and backed up everything that we had discussed. he said he would take care of it. I waited a week and tried to call him. It took me 8 weeks to get him to return my phone call. During that time my account never changes I still wasn’t able to use my Blue time like I was promised. When I did speak with him he remember me and our conversation and said the he had fixed my dilemma and would look into is again. Eight weeks later of trying to get in touch with him, he has no memory and stated that Blue Time never works with Red time. I am cutting my own throat but have refused to pay for a product that was sold with deception. I am getting harassing phone calls for their Corp offices. I need help to get out of my two properties.

Any help would be great. Please email me at rezno69@yahoo.com

Thanks for listening.


My wife and I signed up with Silverleaf just about a year ago and I am in the Military. I deploy alot so it is difficult to schedule time with MY WEEK to take advantage of this.

After reading all theses blogs I feel more and more we got suckered. Even if we pay off the deed we'll be be spending close to $1000 a yr for something we aren't able to use.

Please if you can help us get out of this email me at strongmk2003@yahoo.com


My email is marizag06@hotmail.com please help me I really do not trust silverleaf anymore they've lied to me about purchasing and really want my money back what can I do?


from reading all these posts about silver leaf because I am realizing more and more everyday about how they lied to me about purchasing with them. I really want my money back. Please help.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #223190

I'm glad that you are a "Happy Owner" Bill. As far as reading, I read!

We were with our rep for 4 hours and went over what we had and even had examples of how we were going to use our week. Since we signed, we have faced many road blocks. Mind you these are not speed bumps, they were down and out road blocks. The 2 weeks turned into 1, UNLESS we want to trade with RCI, which is an additional charge.

Our 2 bedroom turned into 1, UNLESS there is an ADJOURNING unit A and unit B available. Since we had a RED timeshare at another of their resorts and this was a WHITE/BLUE - Diamond - Presidential - Gold, we automatically are a RED. BUT WAIT!! Our white/blue now is a LOCKOUT white/blue.

We upgraded with the intensions of now owning 3 deeds, 1 for each of our girls. We have 1 great deed and 1? who knows what this 1 is. We certainly don't!

Regardless of the READING and the WRITING and the WRITTEN EXAMPLES and mind you - 4 HOURS, we do not have what we were told. Oh yeah, did I mention that the closing officer came in and our sales rep excused himself cause he was leaving to go home now and left us at the closing, but he was smart enough to get the money and have the first page signed. Since we ran into these walls, I have, MANY TIMES, tried to contact our sales team. Yes "sales team" we had 4 reps.

Amazing how I was told they had no time to talk to me because they are very busy closing other deals. If I would like to call at 9:30 during the week, except Tuesday and Thursday, since that's the time they are off, oh yeah and they are closed Mondays. So that leaves Wednsday and Friday. OH NOOOO..

friday is considered part of their weekend. Now we are left with Wednsday. I started at 8:30, knowing they are there since this was what they told us before the sale and I have yet to talk to any of the "important" people that can clairify things. So in short, I have 1 great deed and 2 more no 1 more no wait what do I have?

I know I have 3 girls and this was done with them in mind, incuring a huge expense for NOTHING! Again, Bill, tell me.. READ?? LISTEN??

Yeah, OK! You sound like a sales rep or employee my dear.

Calvia, Balearic Islands, Spain #213174


Calvia, Balearic Islands, Spain #213173



We were there this weekend and after terrible sales pitch we walked. We didn't even wait around for our "free stuff".

If they had actually let us leave the property and get some lunch we may have purchased, thankfully we were held hostage long enough to make up our minds on the spot. I should have know that when we were told our daughter could not sit between my husband and myself that there was an issue with the people. Please, it is corporate policy that the "buyers" need to be sitting next to each other (no kids in the middle). We called corporate and got them to refund the expenses we incurred getting to the presentation.

If I had a sales representative on my sales team that acted like they did I would fire them. Oh, and can they not find a better way to escort potential customers around the "resort"...really POV's! Anyone who has had a pleasent exprerience with SilverLeaf I am happy for you...I am just glad my husband and I didn't even bother to stick around and wait for our vouchers.

Best of luck to anyone trying to get their money back. Our sales rep said you can cancell up to six days after signing.

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