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Silverleaf LOST a class action lawsuit years ago when they tried to take Endless Escapes away. HICV has now sent out letters wanting to change Endless Escapes by charge $25 per night and$75 per weekend night.

DO NOT let them get away with this.

All of us who own old Silverleaf deeds needs to stick together.

Our contracts plainly state how EE works and it does not say we pay ANY fees. Count me in to any class action lawsuit please.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Silverleaf Resorts Pros: Spending time there with family and friends.

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That is criminal and I say we fight them on it. Power in numbers.

I had Endless Escape too and still have the contract to prove it. They are committing theft and threatening people for what they have already purchased. Holiday Vacation CLub. I have been an owner since 1994 of two units.

YOu should be treating me like royalty not punish me. We will fight!!!!


Yes, I'm too very upset about this new charge for Endless Escape Deed Owners. We need to stick together. Keep me posted on any Class Action Law Suit.


I think everyone should boycott all then meetings they want us to go to till we get free bonus time back. I’ve been boycotting and will not go till they change


I agree to boycott


Join us in our class action suit to keep Endless Escape time free. The link to the GoFundMe page is below. https://www.gofundme.com/silverleaf-resorts-owners-attorney-fund?fbclid=IwAR2xocr5jW5s-on76Y2uny2k2VqAspwEaSGfAu7Po25dSHpkuK_-sIE5KSs


I’m interested in class action law suit Larry Booth Pastorlarry777@yahoo.com


the legal disclosures on the silverleaf owners portal website only state "Bonus Time and Grandfathered Bonus Time" the words "Endless Escapes" does not show up anywhere....i dont care what the website announcement says, only the legal disclosure....there's a reason why Endless Escapes is NOT mentioned. And also Lake of the Woods resort is no longer listed in the legal disclosure as a resort in the program.... count me in for class action gpowell78@hotmail.com


Not true! I checked and there has been NO CHANGE!!!! diaz.luis99@yahoo.com


Look again. You missed it.

Here's what it says... **Owners having Endless Escape privileges may book up to six nights and are subject to a $25 per night charge Sunday through Thursday and a $75 per night charge Friday and Saturday.


Actually, endless escapes is specifically named and the prices given in the original comment are correct. Look it up on the owner portal.


I would definitely want to be part of a class action. I don't know how they can legally charge those of us who have EE.

@Kimberly Landry

"An owner may only request one Bonus Time reservation for a particular date regardless of how many accounts the owner owns." I have been fighting this rule for a few years, what is the use of having 2 units wit EE and not be able to bring my family with me in two units? I have file complaints of "Switch & Bait" and "Breach of Contract" with the Texas AG, both my wife and I.

Do the same!!!

We ALL need to file complaints!!!!! diaz.luis99@yahoo.com


I agree 100% !!!! we have been told since day one that we were "grandfathered into endless escape" and it couldn't be taken away or CHANGED. Count me in !!!!!!

@Mark Adams

We should all boycott update meetings. That’s where they get more money changing our accounts to points. I’ve been boycotting and will not attend any meetings till they give free bonus time back


Yes let us know about that past case so it can help with this one. They raised the maintenance fees and did not improve the resorts to justify the increase.

Now they claim this expense is too much well show us your books to prove that, Including the salaries of the CEO etc.. They are a rip off!! Holiday inn resorts is a con company and that is why I did not buy a points timeshare but got so!d Into it, silverleaf was different. This is a bull attempt to do what they can't do and try to get away with it.

It is time to sue not only for the bonus time but for the lack of service options at the silverleaf resorts that we pay for for the holiday inn resorts. They started it now - let's finish it against them!!


Will you post the case name and number of this prior class action lawsuit? I want to read the case pleadings and decision.

Maybe we can learn why the court held that bonus time could not be changed. We can also learn if endless escapes program was discussed and ruled on.