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We were told that they will waive membership fees if we buy the day we did.

Salesman signed the waiver and put the form in the yellow folder, after we got home the form was gone and now they are demanding membership fees and late payment fees on top of it.

They press us so much that they even convince us to have Bank of America credit card and pay the full amount with it.

I would like to know how do I get out of this contract?

On top of it all, they promised that payments start on January of 2012. And Bank is demanding payments now.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #949159

I get letters asking if I want to sell my timeshare. Only way I know you can get rid of it is if you're not working & breech the contract or sell it.

This is the number they sent me to sell mine, 1800-275-6430. Hope they can help you


We canceled in the 6 day requirement per the contract and our money was due back in our account today and it is not. I will hound them like there is no tomorrow!! Luckily I live in Dallas and can park myself on their front porch until my money is back


If you are within the recinding period which I think is 6 days since you signed the contract you can cancel the contract. Just read the directions on recinding on your contract. Send a letter to cancel by US postal certified with return receipt requested.

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