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SilverLeaf & RCI Fraud


- April 2014 the short 1 hour presentation turned into an all day event

we were showed around the resort, told the water park would be open in a months time

then we were taken into the “pit” where we were hounded to make a decision and No was not accepted answer and we were show payment plan after plan plan till we agree to one.

The terms of that payment plan were a yearly fee for club dues, and a monthly payment for the loan. We paid the the yearly club fees that day in person.

- Finally went home. Read throughout all the paperwork they gave us.

What the paper work said and what we were told didn't match up.

Placed several phone calls, the next morning for clarification, left messages on voice mail and with front desk person.

- Return to Resort in the state allow time frame to end contract agreement.

at this time we were induced to yet another person, who show us how everything was supposed to work, told us that we can “bank week/days”, pick our vacation times and locations, and that we could “sell” our time to family and friends. Against out better judgement we kept the contract, believing that we just misunderstood the paperwork.

After trying to “bank” our time and “selling” some time to our family members. we were told that “selling” was not allowed and you must “bank” your time in advance. And “banked” time doesn't not equal real time. So you must “bank” multiple days/weeks to achieve your allotted time of travel.

To top off all of the “banked” time issues, you do not even “bank” time with SilverLeaf you must join and pay extra to RCI to “bank” time and choose different locations of resorts. Without this additional RCI membership you are stuck with the same days and locations each yearn exceptions. So of course we choose to join RCI also at this time.


- We were told RCI was a the best way and most cost effective way to travel and take vacations for both long and short trips, locally in the states and out of country.

After trying to plan several trips for our selfs, family, and friends. This is a bold face lie.

The hotel/motel fees and all the extra RCI fees always exceeded what travel agents or trip planning sites costs.

The locations and time to take trips you have to give months advance and give at least 3 alternate locations and times.

In conclusion I feel this company pushes consumers into believing what they provide and its all just a bunch of lies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

Preferred solution: Buy back the deed and let us out of the contract!!!.

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