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I am a owner and every time I go they disappoint me with some new rule they applied. The sales man will show you all this great stuff you have access to then when you visit the first time its all hunk e dori.

Then when you go the next time they say oh we have changed our policy where you now longer can enjoy our a certain pools the sales man showed you to buy into this program you no longer have access to but yet u have to pay maintenance fees still. Do you know how embarrassing it is to tell people about this place and how nice it is and then you don't have access till you upgrade your timeshare. Well I have news for them my week that comes up and they tour people my shirt will say I got rip off by Silverleaf and they will be touring there precious buyers and I will get them back by the 10000 people on my facebook and the news media of friends I know. You will learn not to mess with a real ***.

I even thought about driving up and down the roads with potential buyers and have my car painted. I'm not a poor *** my house is nicer than the cabins.

So I have nothing better to do than express my feelings all over the internet and world. I'm sure someone will hear me and there and you will loose some business

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Well I went to their facility on 9-22-12 and 4.5 hours later and 8 times

Of saying no, I was sent off to get my prizes! They were

Good at trying to convince me why I should by!

Did not work! Know I know why they have the wifi service the don't want

You to google them! Well I did as I was being showed

Around! First thing I seem was Pissed Consumer!

The lady said it is probably bogus, yeah right!

JUST SAY NO! Look at the interest rate! Ur getting the same rate

As someone with D credit!

I pulled my calculator out as they switched from deal to deal

I ask the Lady if I really looked like an ***! That insulting

My intelligence really *** me off! Pay close attention from deal to deal it is not lower they are extending the payments from 3 years to 9 years!



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Hey if anyone that doesnt want there silverleaf resort. and you are Exective Presidental Status or Higher...With the silverleaf plus package and/ or the VIP bonus time attached to it..I mite be able to take that off your me at Anthony.Casanova@everest. edu


Hey! where were you all before we spent so much money?

Diamond check in. What a joke.The Villages never check you in until 7 0r 8 at night. If you have a BP,watch out!!!They put you in a Lodge Unit. You raise cain but you don't get into the BP until the next day.

Double cleaning.

What fun.They are taught to lie!Lie! Lie!JS


I had a time getting rid of my Silver Leaf timeshare week". I was frustrated at the rising fees and no one

Is buying them for close to what they are worth and I’m spending too much trying to get rid of it.. So I

Was reading on pissed/.com and there was a post from a girl at a Company and they were taking

Silver Leaf timeshare weeks and can have them out of your name in six weeks and you pay nothing

Out of pocket and get a tax donation write-off in addition (so it’s like selling- get money back)-

Well I’m a skeptical person but I figured I should give it a try so I emailed the girl in the ad/comment-

Nanette and she mailed me a small welcome packet of information on donation and I faxed in

Information and sure enough the week was out of my name in six weeks and I had a $5000'.00 tax

Donation to file with my taxes/. They were honest courteous and reliable so I wanted to let everyone

Know". (And also wanted to help Nanette she was wonderful,.) Good luck getting rid of your Silver Leaf|.

Go to www. trejesto. Com and fill out donation form –please put Nanette in referral – she’s a big help.If you have already gotten rid of your week pass this to other owners that want rid of theirs they will love you!

Meadview, Arizona, United States #320020

Hey "Interested" no one is wanting anything for free and I paid my "dues" on time for years, but guess what, I bought something and THEY didn't give the product that I bought and paid for. I can't use the pool half the time because it is "at capacity" with the people there getting free rides in the rooms and pool I have already paid for.

And if I do actually get a room, it is NOT the nice ones they put you up in when you are potential buyers.

My advice to potential buyers, is to STAY potential buyers because once you buy into it, they don't care if you get what you pay for or not. It's on the next sucker.


My family and I just went to the Silverleaf Resort in Tyler. If you don't mind the pushy salespeople and wasting 2.5 hours of your time, it isn't a bad deal.

Just make sure that you go into this to say NO no matter what they claim to offer you. We got a 3 day 2 night stay in Tyler, one day passes to the indoor waterpark, a $40 gift card and a 3 day 2 night stay somewhere else.

Just remember to say NO, no matter how good it sounds! Trust me it isn't!


i have seen a lot of comments that really seem like an employee trying to save their sale? a scam is a scam no matter what color they purchased.

Commenting that my family is not important to me because i did NOT purchase a "vacation" is just plain rude. I would rather not buy into their SHARE of a vacation FOR my family what are they thinking?


I have the Presidential status at Silverleaf Resorts ...for what I don't k ow. I would not recommend them to anyone


i got a call today from silverleaf sayin i won a bunch of stuff and i had to come to silverleaf to claim it. ummmm im not falling for that one.

i don't like being tricked into getting a timeshare. if u want me to see about it.

freakin ask me about it. dont trick me.




report them to the attorney general in your state. that is the one and ONLY way they will call and try to make you happy.


It amazes me that people have the money and the where-with-all to go in and sign on the dotted line and commit to making the payments, and the business is considered unethical because they want their money. The bad thing is those consumers are not considered unethical when they don't make payments on their newly acquired responsibility. What is this world coming to?


What ever people, I work at one of the resort and I'm becoming an owner myself....It is a great deal. Once you pay it off you will have one week for the rest of your life your kids lifes....IT'S NOT A TIMESHARE IT'S AN OWNER SHIP......It's for ever...Not a lease for 25 years....Then nothinh to show for all the money you spent...I think you people just could never be happy with something, even if it was free....


Are you guys talking about the Friends and Family Program. The program that gives the owner a $50 Dollar credit or visa card.

The only peole that they will call are the people that are on the deed or the people that stop payment on their account. A lot of people will write a hot check, which they don't deposit until the Friday after you right the check. If the check comes back NSF then they will run the back up card you gave them attached to the same account hoping they can get the money out of your account that way. In the state of Texas if write a check over the amount of $500.00 dollars it is considered a felony and they really could come after you for writing hot checks.

In all the cases that I have seen people write hot checks and not have the money in the banking account when they go to run your card the next week, that is when all the phone calls start. They will tell you anything and everything for you to get that money in there so they can make their commission. I not saying they will not pursue you if you do not have the money in your account, but I have never seen them go after anyone since really they did not loose anything because someone else will buy whatever you decided not to pay for. I have actually seen people put down $500.00 to $1,500 cash the day of the purchase and they figure out a plan for that person to pay the rest over a month period.

Then they will be never heard from again. So their out all that cash for nothing. Sometimes they can force pay a credit card with a special code that can make you overdraft or go over your credit limit. Whenever you call them about it they will always say that you have committed a felony and it's not there problem.

Once the down payment is in the rep gets paid 3 weeks later as well as the manager on the account. Its all in the fine print you just got to read it.

For the person who said that they will call your neighbor, I really don't think they do that but things might have changed. Make a long story short they will do any thing to get into your pockets, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lori, I feel your frustration. My family pays $230 a month for this membership, which we have been paying for 15 years!

We will have 5 years left on our contract and we cant get in any resorts when we want to. The catch is the Presidential members are now considered to be the Lodge members because they have added THE CHAIRMAN memberships. In order for us to have the same privilages as we had before we would have to upgrade. This *** me off due to the fact that if we upgrade it will add 10 more years to own one.

I will suggest to anyone thats interested in a timeshare not to buy into this mess! My family hadn't used our memembership since 2008 and we finally got in a resort last month.


My dad always told me not to trust these timeshare deals. There's always a catch and what you see isn't ever what you get.

In the days of Google and internet you don't have to go by faith alone anymore. And if "Really" is the best they have at representing them, I SEE how professional they are.


I would like to know how often they change policies and do the owners get to vote on these or not?? B/S or not it should be known shouldn't it??

I am looking at other time shares and this helps me ask better questions.. Thanks for all the comments..

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