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I entered a drawing at the mall they took no time calling saying I won a prize that I had to go to Lombard Il to claim it I get there it was a lobby full of ppl that I couldn't get in the door so I guess everyone was winners I registered in then after waiting for four hours for a Rep to see me I asked what's the wait the young lady says there's no Reps to accommodate everyone and it's on a first come first bases so when I asked to speak to a manager the manager feared more than the girls at the desk cause they didn't want to come out to let us know what was going on then they had the audacity to play tootsie games like we little kids and give raffles this is the most unprofessional place I've every been so pls ppl don't waste yr time goin there cause they are liers and they do hold you hostage cause u can't get your winnings unless u attend there boring 90 mins presentation this is nonsense and you need to work on doin a little bit more better than you doing.

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