I have never experienced any of the issues I am reading here. I am an owner at both Hill Country and the Villages for over two years. We go at least every other month and have never had an unpleasant experience. They have always been friendly and helpful in anything we needed or wanted. I have owned with two other companies and have sold them both. I do not ever plan to sell my Silverleaf and will be passing it on to my two daughters so they will both have one in the future to enjoy.

Yes they are very high pressure sales people. I have never been to a sales presentation that is not. If you plan to go to any then plan on doubling or tripling your time as they continue to try to convince you to buy. THAT IS THEIR JOB AND THEIR LIVLYHOOD. iF you don't like it, Then DON'T GO!!

i am going to spend Spring Break at the Village. Can't wait!

Reason of review: good customer service and quality .

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Beeville, Texas, United States #957176

Please tell me how you sold your timeshare i want to sell mine???

Texas, United States #951207

I totally agree. I've been to their sales pitches and have upgraded to red time at Seashore and am extremely happy.

My wife and I use the bonus time a lot and trade to RCI for ALL of our time share time.

Am I happy with Silverleaf? Yes.

to Richrt #962512

You recieved a bonus to post this lie?lol

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