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We have been Silverleaf owners for 15 years. We bought the Galveston Beach resort week 10 years ago.

Owned now by Holiday inn. Enjoying the points and vacationing in Galveston now. I feel we gained in the transition. More time for bonas stay and the points are working well.

We are seniors retired and I am adisabled Vietnam Veteran. Getting away has been therapeutic for me. I feel for seniors this is a great gift. We are ushering our bonus time and booked points time simultaneously.

5 days for $59. We have now 3 weeks behind us. Herman and Rose Davis . Beaumont Texas.

2 hrs away from home. Good Senior living.

When we plan a cruise , we will plan our resort stays. Thank you Holiday inn for the renovations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Galveston Beach Resort Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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How you feeling now that holiday in took the bonus time? are you able to get a 1st floor room..

as a disabled vet I am always given a 4th floor unit. This resort always has maintenance issues and last visit I was moved in the middle of the night and not given a key.

Spentt a nights on the beach in my car. Terrible and getting worse.