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Holiday Club Vacations recently sent out a letter to current Silverleaf Resort bonus time owners that beginning in January/2019 there will be a $25 per-night charge for bonus time usage for Sunday-Thursday and a $75 per-night charge for bonus time usage for Friday and Saturday.

I believe a class action law suit should be filed to challenge this new bonus time charge. Holiday Club Vacations brought Silverleaf Resorts buildings and grounds.

However, Holiday Club Resorts did not buy the Silverleaf owners contracts that we currently hold. Therefore, Holiday Club Vacations should not be able to change the cost of the bonus time program, if they did not purchase our Silverleaf owner contracts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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What about those of us who are supposed to be grandfathered in through endless escapes!


Silverleaf sucks! i stopped paying the fee, tired of the crap, let them have the title.


Thanks guys. Just finding this link.

I agree. Recently ran into the same problem when trying to use my bonus time and wondered how can this legally be done?

Tough trying to find legal info in regards to timeshare support. Has anyone found a solution?


I support, we shouldn't be charge for any reservation fee for something that our original contract stated to be free. I have an endless escapes contract agreement.


We agree, we would support this. We have an endless escapes contract.


Same here, owners since the 80s, ready for that class action lawsuit. Never signed anything agreeing to changes like that.


I’m ready to sign.




I completely agree how is this right


Read your deed. It says they can change bonus time.

They can do away with it. They can change utility fees. We bought in because of bonus time. Selling on the open market isn’t an option as no one will buy without the bonus time.

They say you can surrender your deed to get out of it but they won’t pay you for it. Paying utility fees plus paying for bonus time isn’t worth it.

@Ginger Hughes

Wow!!!! They are really taking advantage of us!!!!


They really r. It’s just not fair. We already paid for our condos.


I will plan on making my voice heard, even if it makes no difference. Owner since 1988 and this stinks and have never paid a fee one time until today.


Same here! My wife and I own 2 units "Diamond Owners" for what is worth.

Never ever paid for a stay with "Endless Escape Program" now this!!! We bough with the idea of using it now that we are retired, first bough in 1986, second in 2002, all paid for; now what? All plans and money trashed!!

File complaints with Texas AG, we all need to do the same!~ File one for yourself and one for each person in your deed (i.e. wife, kids, etc.).


I have read the disclosure guide and there is a clause which allows them to change the ****fees**** from time to time at their discretion (Doc 1). However, in the membership portion of the document (doc 2) it clearly states that 1.

Sunday through Thursday there are {no fees} required. 2. Timeshares purchased before Jan 9, 2001 {are not charged} fees on the weekend. (I also know that Silverleaf bought/traded-in these older units to upgrade owners into newer units.

They then turned around and sold them back to new owners with all the original perks included. They made it clear when purchasing that you had to buy them from SL for those perks to be valid and written into the deeds. Then told you what an amazing opportunity it was to own one of the older deeds. I also remember going to a Owners meeting at another location and them asking how we had these benefits when we bought after the said date.

I purchased an old Holiday Hills deed from this period because of the bonus time. It was the deciding factor for us because they had locations near where my kids went to college. The one clause state that they can change the (fees) from time to time, But Sunday through Thursday there are no fees required and none required for those grandfathered in. I'm no lawyer but you cannot change something that did not require a fee in the first place when you state in your clause that only the fees can be changed from time to time.

We also need a copy of the Original because this has been amended to include HICV. (Doc 1) (a) a $49.95 fee for a Friday night included in the Reservation, and (b) a $49.95 fee for a Saturday night included in the Reservation; provided, however, that Grandfathered Owners shall not be charged weekend fees. Only the two primary owners named on Silverleaf Club’s records are permitted to make Reservations and check-in at the Participating Resort under the Bonus Time Program. Rental of Reservations is expressly prohibited as Bonus Time privileges are only for the benefit of Members and any guest(s) accompanying said Members in connection with the Reservation.

Members who book Reservations on behalf of third parties and/or who check-into the Participating Resort on behalf of third parties are in violation of the terms and conditions of the Bonus Time Program and this Disclosure Guide and will be subject to suspension and/or termination pursuant to Sections 4(a) and 4(b) hereof. Any cancellation made within 48 hours of the Member’s scheduled arrival will result in a $50 cancellation fee plus the forfeiture of any Reservation fees paid. If a Member cancels his or her Reservation more than 48 hours prior to the Member’s scheduled arrival, any Reservation fees paid will be refunded to Member. ******There are no annual membership fees or an enrollment fee for a Member’s participation in the Bonus Time Program.

All ****fees**** associated with the Bonus Time Program may be modified by Silverleaf Club from time to time, in Silverleaf Club’s sole discretion. Doc 2 Memberships In order to participate in the Program, a member must own a vacation ownership interest at one of Participating resorts. There is no membership fee associated with this program: however, a member must be an owner under contract with a participating resort.

Reservations made uses from Sunday through Thursday !!!!!!do not require a ***fee****, however, a ***fee*** of 49.95 is charged for a Friday night reservation and for a Saturday night reservation. Members who purchased a Timeshare interest on or before Jan 9, 2001 ("Grandfathered Owners") are ****not charged a weekend fee****.

@Michael McCaskill

So i have a question so when we purchased our time share in may of 2018 and the salesman said you can use your bonus time Sunday thru thursday but the crazy thing is when we tried to book a stay we could only stay sun thru wed and i specifically told them no that is not what the person said they said sunday thru thursday dont you know they looked at us like we was crazy .

@Michael McCaskill

Endless Escape have in the document no fees for any night 1 to 6 fee free. The newer Bonus Time are completely different than Endless Escape in that we have never had to pay a fee from day one, until now. I hope we all fight back on this some way or another.


I have endless escape and am willing to sign on to a class action suit!

@Michael McCaskill

We purchased our timeshare in Jan 1983. We were about 30 yrs.

old. We are now 65 and 66 and on fixed incomes. We cannot afford to pay $25 or $49.00 to stay at the Villages Resort which is where 99% of our reservations have been made. I couldn't understand how they could just up and add nightly fees for any owners but especially ones like us who have been owners for over 35 yrs.

I told Silverleaf the least they could have done is grandfathered us in. My plea fell on death ears.

@Michael McCaskill

How can we collectives fight this BS from Holiday Inn? Two Holiday Inn Deeds and one Holiday Inn deed.

Bought because partially because of Bonus Time @ no cost. Now stuck with three (3) worthless bills.How do I join to fight.

Otherwise I'm taking the loss and try'n got out with one of the Time Share Exit companies. I bought this to use in my retirement years now it's a worthless money pit.