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Has anyone gotten a phone call saying that u have one $49,000 or a mercedes?(Highest prize) All you have to do is go to The Oak and Spruce resort and they give you a scratch off ticket.The highest prize is $49,000 or a mecedes, next prize is 1500 shopping spree, and the lowest they say is $500 in cash.I asked them if that's the least I'm walking away with, and they said yes.

They say the 90 minute tour is optional.... hmmmm. DO I wanna drive 1hr 30 min with my husband and 3 kids to get scammed?

Please help.Anyone get a phone call like this from entering and winning a contest in the mall?

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That sounds like one of those timeshare promotions, where they pressure you to buy property. I wouldn`t fall for it if I were you.


I received the same call withrhe same information...I want to know the same thing I'm scheduled to be there tomorrow@ 10...please help!


I have just recently won that i havent quite found out if its a scam if so my lawyerswill be attending me anyway..


They will work very hard to sell you a timeshare and it is just like a STD. Can't get rid of it.


yes i did today what did they tell you


I got one I the mail today and not sure if it's a scam. Would like to find out


Got a phone call saying the same thing.The lady said but somehow my prize had already been decided.

I have won a 3-day trip to Orlando or Las Vegas or a 5-day cruise.

All I needed to do was attend a 90-minute tour at a resort.

Decided to do a little investigation and it turns out their track record is not really impressive.Not wasting my time with this...




I just received one in the mail and was wondering if it was a scam


i got a call . i do remember entering a contest.

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