Poughkeepsie, New York

Has anyone gotten a phone call saying that u have one $49,000 or a mercedes?(Highest prize) All you have to do is go to The Oak and Spruce resort and they give you a scratch off ticket.The highest prize is $49,000 or a mecedes, next prize is 1500 shopping spree, and the lowest they say is $500 in cash. I asked them if that's the least I'm walking away with, and they said yes.

They say the 90 minute tour is optional.... hmmmm. DO I wanna drive 1hr 30 min with my husband and 3 kids to get scammed?

Please help. Anyone get a phone call like this from entering and winning a contest in the mall?

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That sounds like one of those timeshare promotions, where they pressure you to buy property. I wouldn`t fall for it if I were you.


I received the same call withrhe same information...I want to know the same thing I'm scheduled to be there tomorrow@ 10...please help!


I have just recently won that i havent quite found out if its a scam if so my lawyerswill be attending me anyway..


They will work very hard to sell you a timeshare and it is just like a STD. Can't get rid of it.


yes i did today what did they tell you


I got one I the mail today and not sure if it's a scam. Would like to find out


Got a phone call saying the same thing. The lady said but somehow my prize had already been decided.

I have won a 3-day trip to Orlando or Las Vegas or a 5-day cruise.

All I needed to do was attend a 90-minute tour at a resort.

Decided to do a little investigation and it turns out their track record is not really impressive. Not wasting my time with this...




I just received one in the mail and was wondering if it was a scam


i got a call . i do remember entering a contest.


I got a letter in the mail and I called them. I am wondering the same thing


It's a scam in life not even real friends come that easy


I just called and the ladies who picked up was honest with me, she said that it was most likely to win the exotic trip but they don't pay it full that most of the Tripp I will be paying for it, and that she understood if I didn't wanted to continue, but is true and 9/10 get mad because thats what they get and don't get the chance to win the other prices. so yeah guys is just a waist of time and gas


Yeah I got a call but I am a little hesitant because my mom says that all they are trying to do is to get you to buy a resort. But I don't know. What if I actually won and I didn't go??


I seemed to have "won" one of these at Six Flags too, but I noticed after I left the booth with some contact information everyone was winning. I'm glad I took a look here before I found out what this was all about. I know if they call or whatever to just tell them I'm not interested anymore


I got one today saying the same thing. So I call the number and they told me to call back in 3 weeks and they would give me an appointment to come there.

Also told me to bring drivers license and debit card. I asked them why did I need my debit card.

She said so we can know it's you. But isn't that what my drivers license are for.


why not just another form of id???? that's suspicious


Did anyone fill out a form at a Red Sox game for Instant Go??? They just called 3 weeks later to tell me I've won $49,000 and other trip prizes.

Have to travel to Lee MA to claim. Sounds like from what I'm reading its a scam.

Didn't fill out anything at a mall though. Going to contact rep at Fenway to find out more about this.


Yes, I entered a drawing for Red Sox tickets at the mall and three weeks later got the same call. I asked them if it had anything to do with the Red Sox drawing and they didn't have specifics.

They couldn't even tell me the contest entry period, except that it was 2015. Even if the Red Sox drawing was legit, I think they sold consumer information to Silver Leaf Resorts. I've got to read the fine print next time (if there is any).

Good idea about calling Fenway. Let us know how that goes...


They don't sell it to Silver Leaf, Silver Leaf is the people you filled out the drawing with. Most people don't look at it closely (I filled one out for Red Sox tickets, and one for Patriots) but Silver Leaf is the one doing the raffle, so you actually gave your information to Silver Leaf.