Has anyone gotten a phone call saying that u have one $49,000 or a mercedes?(Highest prize) All you have to do is go to The Oak and Spruce resort and they give you a scratch off ticket.The highest prize is $49,000 or a mecedes, next prize is 1500 shopping spree, and the lowest they say is $500 in cash. I asked them if that's the least I'm walking away with, and they said yes.

They say the 90 minute tour is optional.... hmmmm. DO I wanna drive 1hr 30 min with my husband and 3 kids to get scammed?

Please help. Anyone get a phone call like this from entering and winning a contest in the mall?

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I just got that exact same call


I got a letter yesterday about same prices too. Last year i went with my family and we ended up leaving with a trip to the exotic island adventure.

Last year when we arrived they didnt do the 90 minutes thing. They just took me to their office and did a scratch thing and won the exotic island adventure.

In my opinion.... It is not a scam as many people say.

to Anonymous #1006356

You won an "exotic island adventure"?! WOW, you must be REALLY lucky!

Either that...or...it's a SCAM.

Have you gone on the "exotic island adventure" yet? The people I've spoken to that "won" the same "trip" had to pay LOTS of taxes, fees & there were never any available flights on the very small window of dates they were told they had to choose from.


I got this too.


I went to the silver leaf resort in sheridan Il. When I arrived we waited in waiting area for about an hour or two.

I brought my boy friend, 4 year old and 4 month old with me. It was a saturday and I didnt have much to do anyway. we sat in the lobby enjoyed face painting, refreshments, and a very long game of bingo, but the drive was bogus. 1 hour and a half trip.

Once my name was called I was told by a representative that my resort representative was not there so I could proceed to get my prizes. So no one asked me to buy anything!!! We waited another hour and was called in to retrieve our prize. I was given to sheets of paper explaining the trips/cruise.

After reading multiple reviews I notice that there are more complaints about the 90 min tour than the actual prizes. I never had a tour so my concern is the actual trips. I have seen people say the trips are real but they are hard to get and when you get there you spend more time at mandatory tours for timeshares than enjoying yourself. My thought is your already there what they going to do leave you in Hawaii???

Does anyone actually have an experience of taking a trip from there that they can share because I don't want to waste my money my time was enough.

Please share your trip experiences if any. Thank you.

New York, New York, United States #972901

did anyone wind up going? i got an invitation as well

to aida Massachusetts, United States #972964

Aida-please feel free to read my experience with Silverleaf. My suggestion would be -- DON'T GO! Best of luck to you!

to aida Wareham, Massachusetts, United States #972966

Sorry, here's the link to my post about Silverleaf: http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/silverleaf-resorts/silverleaf-resorts-scam-oak-n-spruce-lee-ma-location-20101011202186.html

to aida Wareham, Massachusetts, United States #972967

If you scroll a few comments below, you will see another comment by me with the link to my post. This website isn't allowing me to reply to your comment with the link.


I got a call today And i dont know what to do i dont want to spend Money on gas i live in The bronx New york i dont Thats why i Am reading searching to see if this is a scam.

Houston, Texas, United States #750526

Yes and its not worth it. As stated below you are better off getting an all exclusive trip on your oen or just paying for the cruise yourself.

Dallas, Texas, United States #747831

This is a scam , I drove there to find out that they will give you a vacation deal that would be cheaper for you to buy online. $500, $1500 and the mercedez you have to win on a lottery ticket

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #742026
Please DO NOT fall for this! If you have a moment, please read my nightmare of an experience I posted on Pissed Consumer a couple of years ago: http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/silverleaf-resorts/silverleaf-resorts-scam-oak-n-spruce-lee-ma-location-20101011202186.html.

Rule of thumb: "if something sou :) nds too good to be true, then it probably IS".

Best of luck to you! :)

I get these calls all the time and have done a few. Its a total scam.

They make you sit through 90 minutes of grueling *** about a garbage heap dump they want you to invest in (some properties are 20+ years away from actual completion).

Then they hand you a card with 25 gold squares on it and ask you to scratch 5. If you reveal five pots of gold you win the grand prize, the odds are approximately 1:530000 that you will win that. The next three prizes are from a code on the back of the card. That code determines if you won 1500 shopping spree, 500 cash or a "dream vacation." The odds are even higher to win either the 1500 dollar shopping spree and the 500 cash.

Interestingly what every one gets is a "dream vacation" at one of the companies resorts.

They have had over 1500 complaints against just one resort in the last year. IT IS A SCAM.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #667725

I actually won the scratch off, but you dont win. if you read the fine print its not actually free and barely even close to it.

You win a vacation but the airfare, and fees that go along with the hotel arent free. Its a big scam they wasted my time. 5 hours they wouldnt leave me alone when they said it was only 90 min. i said i didnt wanna buy anything and the manager started yelling at me and saying WHYYY???

ARE YOU BROKE OR YOU JUST DONT LIKE THE CONDOS??!! just like that she insulted me to my face. Personally i only came there for a prize which I was told was ok. the condos that they were trying to sell me were so ugly.

sewer that they claim is a fountain. and a pool.

with an ugly condo. And they call that a RESORT....



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I went today had a 1230 appointment took abouth 40 mins for a sales man to get to me for the presentation, they started talking to me asked about my job told them, im layed off for three months like every year, cuz the winter, they said you can just pick up your prizes and dont have to bother with the presentation cuz im laid off. worked out well i got the $40.00 gift card a cruise, and a 5 night vacation, there are some fees its not totaly free they dident want to deal with trying to sell me a timeshare cuz they new i wasent gunna buy and thought i had no money so they dident wanna waste time on me.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #207395

Im still waiting to hear if someone actually got anything from then they told me the least i could walk away with was 500 and trip to Florida or vagas

Wabasso, Florida, United States #201216

Scam,scam, SCAM! They promise you trips & cash prizes if you go to their "90 minute" presentation with their SLEAZY employees "salesmen". Ugh.

In a nutshell, you're lured there & promised valueable prizes if you make the LONG trip to their resort. Once you're there, this SHOULD be their HONEST sales pitch: Ha! You thought you'd get here & we'd give you cash & prizes?!? Hahaha...NO, how *** & naive are YOU?!?" But, wait, while you're here...do you want to BUY a timeshare from US?.

So, that's it. Believe me, I KNOW from experience with Silverleaf Resorts, Inc. and this VERY scenario. It's a SCAM to sell their over-booked, under-maintained timeshares. Never forget the rule of thumb: If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is!

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