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Scam artist and lies. Tell you everything is included and it's not.a lot of hidden fees.

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We paid $25,000 for our Silverleaf timeshare. We received one week vacation every year with use of the grounds at the resorts.

We were so *** to invest in this timeshare ***. We have been several times to the resorts because I try to do something for the money my husband spent on this dumb timeshare. The rooms are so outdated. The worst thing no WI-FI in rooms, I had to walk to the restaurant part to use the internet.

The TV's are like 1990. SO terrible. The rooms walls were scratched and need a lot of work. The pool staff makes you get out to swim to show your pass all the time and they are so rude about it.

They say you can stay a week but you check in late on the first day at 5 pm and the check out day they want you out by 10 am. Soooo 2 days of that your really not chillin' there. You pay for all drink refills and they have poor upkeep on the putt-putt courses, the green is coming up. The interest on the timeshare payment was 2000 a year.

It totally sucks.

I have had epic vacations at Disneyland and I could have gone 5-6 more times to the Disneyland park and stay at their Disney resorts for what I paid for this ***. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!

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Hi Jselly. Here is our toll free care number.

1-888-476-0991. Please don't hesitate to call.

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