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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the money from maintenance fees so that managers could go on vacation trips for free and go to restaurants for free . I told the director of financial services that this was very wrong to charge owners maintenance fees so that Silverleaf executives and or mangers could have there own personal pleasures for free !! Because I was a manager I discovered a lot of things they were doing were very illegal . I recently decided I could no longer work for them because there business ethics were terrible . I will find some owners of Silverleaf Resorts and I will be filing a lawsuit against Silverleaf Resorts because I feel like they owe the owners millions of dollars for illegally charging the owners monthly MAINTENANCE FEES !! If any Silverleaf Owners want to join me please let me know . Thanks
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I’m also a owner. I enjoyed this placed before holiday inn took over, it’s crap now. How can I get out of this?


Since this post was from 11 years ago and we do not know if it is still valid, then maybe we should start up a new lawsuit. I know lots of other Silverleaf owners who feel they were scammed as well. Anyone know of a good attorney to get the ball rolling?


Count me in


If there is a lawsuit, I would like to join. I don't want to play for Endless/Bonus Time that used to be free.


I see people are still wanting to join the lawsuit against Silverleaf. Sense the original post was posted 11 years ago, I was wondering if they are still pursuing this lawsuit.


I am very interested in joining. rgreensr@***.com


I agree. cerveramax70@***.com, if i can help


I would like to join in this lawsuit. I want to get rid of my two units and they told me I need to pay out all year maintenance fees with interest and penalty for the monthly services including the months the facility was closed and I think thats wrong.

Also, I will forfeit the condos by Jan 2022 or have legal action as stopped paying in this budget Covid time.

The prices go up and the quality and bonuses go down. Help and thanks the comments!


I would like to join the lawsuit and dump our 2 Silverleaf Resorts ASAP. They've been paid off for 20 years, but the bonus fees, deposits and maintenance fees are all outrageous. I'm sick of their lies, deceit, disregard, disrespect, unapproved contract changes, and unavailability.


OUR FIX RIVER RESORT ( SHERIDAN, IL ) SILVERLEAF TIMESHARE was PAID IN FULL , but they put a LIEN on TITLE for not paying their MAINTENANCE FEES for some months, since we were not using it‼ I called them to request the TITLE & to advise them of our INTENT TO SELL our TIMESHARE & they told me that They failed to register/record the TITLE & therefore TITLE could not be cleared of LIEN - BECAUSE IT DUD NOT EXIST⁉ IT LOOKS LIKE WR GOT SCAMMED ‼ NEED TO FILE LAW SUIT, ASAP, regardless of new ownership by HOLIDAY INN

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Getting cheated and I want out

Prices go up up up. Now there's no more endless escape. Now being sold again. I want to give it back

User's recommendation: Run away as fast as you can. You will get screwed.

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Holiday Inn club vacations keeps wanting to take away and charge more for less

I agree with everybody else heres the latest I received email from them saying that owners with like holiday hills Hill country the villages Lake of the Woods they are wanting to reassign us other units they probably want to sell the property and profit millions of dollars I say give me my portion of the sale for my unit and they can have it We as owners need to get together and file a class action suit against Holiday Inn club vacations
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I’m like you and have a unit that they are tearing down. They said we have to choose a new location and it is slim pickings.

We can never use our timeshare because of booked where we want to go. Do we have to move? I’d rather they just buy it back.

It is paid for! They’re probably going to sell this property for top dollar.

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Breach of Contract