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Over the years my wife and I have attended a number of Timeshare meetings. We never wanted to buy (rent) a timeshare due to me being in the U. S. AIR FORCE (26 yrs.) and would not be able to take full advantage of it. While living in San Antonio we attended a Silverleaf Resort meeting and bought a timeshare. The main reasons we purchased, was because I was retired and could take full advantage of not only the FREE BONUS time and the week we bought. Now their (Silverleaf and Holiday Inn Vacation Club) sending us a letter stating we have to pay for BONUS TIME and increased the weekend fee by $25.00. We pay our monthly maintenance fees. They make more than enough (run the numbers) in maintenance fees, (which I also pay every month) not to charge us for BONUS time. I'll throw my name in the hat if there is a CLASS-ACTION law sui Angry t. This is not right.
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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the...
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Email here to file a complaint, it takes 2 minutes, let's unite and make a change Make a difference and help us, i am an owner too and feel totally taken advanta...


How do you get out of the whole thing????? I would just like to miss them goodbye!!!!

I have tried on numerous occasions to discuss this concern with the management at the resort where we were fraudulently sold our lease to this resort. We cannot get anyone to call us back nor talk to us when we go up there. We are discussing with a very large group of...
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Sliverleaf has lie and we did not know the they file Bankruptcy !! until we went to a owner meeting and one of the boss try to lower our two bedroom to a studio . I will joint your Class A Lawsuit against Sliverleaf for lying and cons .
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Join Silverleaf Resorts Owners Group on Facebook and help us. You can read all the comments and decide for yourself to join the gofundme and we can band together to fight this...

Purchased my first deed in 1997 with the inclusion of Bonus Time at no charge when there was availability. In these year I have never used my actual weeks, but have used bonus time. So you have to pay to exchange your week and now you have to pay for Bonus Time and yet...
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Unfortunately, my husband isn't ready to throw in the towel. They are nice properties but we'll never get what we paid for them. Since I bought under duress and because of high-pressure, downright pushy sales reps, I've regretted the purchase ever since. They won't...
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We have been owner for over 17 years and the fee are ridiculous. Now it owner by Holiday Inn and the fee keep going up and this was not the info told to us and purchase.
Reguardless of the take over by Holiday Inn, all Silverleaf stays should of stayed in the Grandfather clause. Now we have to pay to stay and on weekends a triple amount. Now this is deceiving !!!!!!!!
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I totally agree, I will not pay for something that was in my original contract as BONUS TIME !!! I am in process of finding my contact and will be taking it to an attorney.


Silverleaf Resorts - Devastating!

I have been paying Silverleaf since 1998 for dues and maintenance fees. I was told my deed would never change and that I would have FREE bonus time forever. Now, I am finally retired as of yesterday, and I tried to make a reservation and I am told I have to pay for everyday I stay with them. It is unbelievable how much this is costing me and NOW I have to pay for every single night I stay. I would estimate this organization has received about $70,000 from me for absolutely nothing! RUN, RUN, Run Away and don't get suckered into this insane sceme.

Silverleaf Resorts - They should buy us out

If we can’t go to their properties then we should have the option of them buying our timeshare.

Silverleaf Resorts - Bogus

Make you pay for bonus time is bogus
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Please add us to any lawsuit filed. We couldn’t be more disappointed in the fees for bonus time, constant increase in monthly fee and inability to access other Holiday Inn sites, though they use ours!
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Please keep me posted, my original contact states BONUS TIME is free.


Action is being taken towards a lawsuit. We are gathering information, contacting attorneys and raising funds to fight to have our Endless Escape and Bonus Time benefits resto...