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I worked for Seaside in Galveston. I actually moved out to Galveston to be close to my job. I started selling write away, then all the sudden put on the back burner. I tried more training which I pissed off the Favourite girl who lied to the director and then he wouldn't put me out at all hardly. This led me to fall far behind on draw, which I had know idea. You don't find out about any money until you have been there for a few weeks wondering where it is. We were told not to say a word to new reps or they would take the redeye.

Finally one of the others needed help and I offered to drive them if I was allowed to go back out and sell. Well since then I started selling all the time and was put in the power group.

Guess what I lost my job because I had to go to court for a couple of hours on my regular scheduled day to work. I was told if I went I would be fired. Here I was with a fever and never had taken off sick and if I didn't show would be in contempt of court and arrested.

Then they added a day, well I was in school. Hmmm some others are also in school and get to come in at 12. You know what people? We aren't allowed breaks. The HR lady would come into the bathroom while I was on the potty telling me to take another tour, while some of the guys hid so they could protect their bonus's. I sold enough in two months that I was denied my bonus because I was forced to take other reps tours.

One day I couldn't breath or catch my breath as the HR lady jumped my case and demanded I go out and take another tour. Here I was gasping for air, hadn't had a break, and crying because I wasn't sure I was having a heart attack as I was verbally accosted further by this women and then forced to leave. Here I sat in the car crying because I couldn't breath or drive for over an hour. One of my friends kept me on the phone and convinced me to try and drive until I got home. My blood pressure was 179/113. Now you tell me if anyone deserves to be treated like this!

Even with some of the BS I always picked my tours up with a smile and was energetic. My people loved me as I over heard others saying I wish I had her.

You know what else? Some of my TO's were giving my sales to the VC councelors because they weren't making any money. Are you kidding me? All the time this happened as a matter of fact one tour said yes as her family was split up on tours. Well my TO excused me off my table and tried to give my sale to the new girl. How do you like them apples. You know I would have split the commission to be fair had he not tried to screw me over.

Now I believed in the program, but knew nothing of the downfalls, so on a personal not I hope all my people were satified because I wasn't there long enough to know anything shabby from the financial part.

Well to my disbelieve the director really let me down. He fired me because I wssn't going to be there at a time when I really needed the support, then he lied to the unemployement people about my character, and other things. Rudy you know what I never said one bad thing about you even after you fired me. I was a good employee and I believed in you.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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this place is nothing but a scam i am working on getting dateline news involved to show the true colors of this company and their scams and their fake vacations they give out and fake vehicles which i fell for but never again i am destined to put theses people away


wow that place is horrible and it is a scam and if i ever sewe those boxes in the mall i am going to sit by it and tell everyone about it

I'm not so sure it I wanna sign up for a membership anymore yet alone employment for my relative :sigh

To all reading. Now I am dealing with more harrassment from members of Silverleaf. I want everyone who is following to see the type of people that are writing derrogatory statements to my post. This is what they will do to assacinate someone's character who is trying to stand up for their rights.

They were wrong in firing me, I was a good employee and on the power team, and now I am going to call all my people I sold too and what deals kicked.

The *** who posted to All Ex Employees? You are proving to all readers what this company is all about.

This was a big mistake to lie about me some more. You're saying I'm schizo and stuff? HA! You should have never done that.


Anyone wanting employment with Silverleaf RUN! You will never see your money, be ran into the ground, sales taken away and a liar for a Director. I"m calling all the people I sold to and informing them of everything.

im about to lose my home because Rudy the Director at Seaside LIED to the unemployment office about me. You make me sick.

If anyone sees those signs in the malls with trips and cars. Tell people not to fill out anything. Nothing is for free.

If Rudy is going to lie about me when I worked so hard and was a dedicated employee then I am going to make sure everyone knows everything about Silverleaf.

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