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My fiancé and I filled out a paper at Chicago Ridge Mall. A week or two later I got a phone call saying I won and so on and so on.

With my ***, I made an appointmen and had to go to Lombard to claim my prize. A day or two later my fiancé got the same call as I did. We were fishy about the place but I was curious to the appointment. We went to the vacation store at Lombard, IL and the first thing the front desk workers ask for was an I.D and a major credit card/debit card to "make sure you're the same person" my debit card was in the car but I wasn't *** enough to bring that with me.

The counselor my fiancé and I had was real nice. He talked to us about resorts and gave us a tour. Before the gift thing he asked if I was able to afford to by the resorts and I said no. A second guy came and tried lowering the price and I said no and he kept persuading me to buy it and I make up every excuse and he kept asking "what do you need to think about" "we can work with the money issue" "what do you want to wait for" etc.

I said no the last time and a THIRD guy came. The third guy made the price even LOWER and I said no and they finally left me alone. I finally was able to claim my prize. Little did I know you don't claim *** as a prize.

You have to do a scratch off as if it's a *** lottery ticket. The prizes were $1500 shopping spree, $500, a vacation, and a car or $49,000. In order to get the big prize you had to scratch off all five gold pots. If you don't get the gold pots you have to scratch off the bottom of your card.

They look at the last digits of your number on the card and see what prize you won. There was about 5 of $1500 shopping spree, 10 $500, and the rest were the vacation. Now the way I look at it is the vacation is obviously more than $500 so why was there an unlimited number of that instead of the $500. It doesn't make sense to me.

Me and my fiancé hated it it was nothing but a waste of our *** time. Oh and I will add the whole time they were persuading me about the resorts they kept asking me questions about my credit and what kind of credit card I had. And the guy had to nerve to tell me to let him see my credit card.

Never again, I'm glad I experienced something like this so I know ahead of time to look up the place and reviews BEFORE I waste anymore time of my life. Trust me, it's nothing but foolish, *** people who just want your money.

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This is a scam!!! They must have seen us comin!!!

Sux that they prey on innocent families at Disney on Ice!!! They owe us $40 and the gas expense to and from Lombard, il.

Complete bs!