these are the ways they will try to lie and scam you here are some of the handouts they give us to try to sell you and the sick part is that it works and its all scripted and on the gift code page if you tell them those codes on the page that you were promised them they might have to give you those all codes are the same there are no tomorrow offers its always the same so please dont let your self get scammed by silverleaf resorts inc because i warned you be safe and remember dont buy a timeshare there very expensive

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Tyler, Texas, United States #711313
:( Silverleaf just sold out to genpact an India company. They are no longer an American company thanks to Cerberus who's been running silverleaf into the ground trying to make a buck.

This is a sad deal when you destroy a good American company a take it to India. :cry
to Genpactdotcom American Canyon, California, United States #712241

I can't stand silverleaf resorts and I'm willing to help anyone get out of their contacts today call 214.299.1308 Brad Overstreet

Chicago, Illinois, United States #708740

I recently had a horrifying experience with SIlverleaf!!! Just about 2 and a half weeks ago I got suckered into signing a contract with them.

they tell you so many LIES, how many benefits you will get, of which 90% aren't true! Please do not become a victim of Silverleaf!!! If in case you do, you have 5 days to cancel the contract! So be sure of what you are getting into.

I was a member for 2 weeks when I went to Fix River, where I found out everything was a lie, all the benefits that were promised to me, were not true! I was offered to upgrade in order to receive some of the benefits I thought I was entitled to when I signed two weeks before. They wanted to double the price!!! I was given the run around, spoke with corporate, never receiving an answer!!!

So I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and 3 days later, I get a call stating that they were authorized to terminate my contract!!

So if there is anyone out there who THINKS they are stuck with them, contact the BBB and the Attorney General, they WILL help!! We can't let SIlverleaf cheat people any longer!!!

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