Basically held us hostage for 8 hours with two crying children. Said no multiple times and kept "begging" us to sign up...

after they get you so exhausted youll do anything to leave you finally just say OK. They NEVER tell you that your "dues" will be life long and billed to your kids once you die. (who would be okay with that?!) Also said we could "rent it out" and "make money" and you can't do that. Never reported good payments on my credit report, but are now reporting non payment since we stopped paying because we caught on to their scamming tactics.

They are now threatening to sue my husband and I.

These people are liars and scam artists. They need to be SHUT DOWN!

Reason of review: NOT HAPPY.

I didn't like: Badgered to purchased, Unauthorized charges, Not delivered what was said, No cancellation option.

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Hey, seeing as you worked there, do I really need to pay the $100 cancellation fee?

Arlington, Texas, United States #973091

I used to work in the call center. I was fired because I questioned the tactics they was using to get people to come

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