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We were convinced to buy in and told that because of being owners that we would have several benefits available to us. Upon doing so and since buying in we have had nothing but issues that started after a few months.

The first issue was them pulling money without permission while we were making payments online. The second is we were told that because we did not know exactly when my husbands vacation was that we could book up till the last month before the vacation was scheduled. We have yet to be able to use our weeks much less most the facilities because we cannot get in. Why should we have to pay 400 a month that we are not allowed to use?

I understand that their are people that have the luxery of scheduling vacation and taking it when they want, but what about those that cannot. For example, my husband works for the government and when they say your vacation is in a month or so that's when we know about it.

If we could find a way out of paying for it and be able to get rid of our deed, then we would. I would not waste my time with them.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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