So I went to the " 90 " presentation at Silverleaf resort by Tyler tx to see if it was legit and all I have to say is what a huge headache I got from it. When I got there the front desk lady was rude ,waited 30 minutes for a sales lady to come get me to show me around the so called resort " which personally the most amazing view were all the trees surrounding the place".

We sat in another building where there were I'm guessing other winners "40 + people" loud and very awkward, so the lady asked question after question and finally took us around to the tour after 20 min or so took us back to the crowded building and that's where the offers and numbers and comfortable prices got shoved in. Best thing is just say no like 20 times so a manager and her manager come out and get aggravated and you'll be sent out finally to claim your "prize". For sure you get a 50 dollar card to spend at restaurant it lists but really the cars they say you can we in and the big chunk of money is determined by a scratch off , don't see big chance of that happening , better chances with lottery scratch off!

But overall it sucked!! Don't go and save that gas money on something productive and important ..

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Woodstock, Georgia, United States #834152

What did you need for the 90 minute presentation?


What convinced you to stay after the rude front desk and the 30 minute wait?

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