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I have been a member of silver leaf for about a year. Things are not what they seen with this place....Pretty much everything I have been told I could do there was a lie.

They constantly harass you and want you to pimp out your friends to them. I wish I was not sucked into this place in the first place but lesson learned.

I have gotten in touch with other people and found out there is a class action lawsuit going on with this place. Contact Voss Lawfirm They will be able to help anyone else having issues with these people.

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silverleaf doesnt twist ur arm to buy stop blaming them for u not doing ur homework owned since 85 not always happy but wouldnt change things not always happy with silverleaf but not always happy with alot of things grow up and stop whinning about something u could have backed out of and not bought a thing


First of all I was lied to about this. I was told I could do many things that I could not do.

I am not worried about getting my money back from these *** bags but I am worried about them continuing to charge me for something that I was lied to about. Like for instance saying that I could camp for free. Not that it is a big deal considering I am a member and M-Th is free for me anyway but I do not like to be lied to. I wanted everything to be told to me at the beginning.

Not telling me things to make everything believable and then telling me that I had to buy that day and could not thing about it.

I am young I made a mistake but being lied to is not coool...You are na *** for even commenting like you did to me. So whatever.sorry for whatever it is you lost control of in your life but youi dont have to take it out on me.


my friend was also sucked in and found this and they helped her get out of her timeshare even with a mortgage which is why she thought she was stuck. i seen how finanically strapped she was and i love her but how used she also felt.

sorry you got sucked in but look it up and give them a call.

like i said...she's in process of getting out now. hope this helps you out some.