We took the 90 minute tour...you know, the one that took 4 hours in real life. We are smart consumers who prefer money in the bank over material possessions.

They say no pressure, but you deserve the pressure if you believe they will not pressure you. Sitting for the sales pitch, listening to the deal, I looked around and realized we were being herded like cattle. If it is too good to be true, it usually is folks. This timeshare business is well crafted.

The salesman made comments to my husband such as, " you know these vacations will really strengthen your marriage. Your little boy isn't getting any younger." Puh-lease. He said he preferred a no over a "we need to think about it," and that is a pressuring sales tactic....not to mention a preposterous demand for the truth from someone who tells half-truths for a living. If you read this forum before visiting, just stay away.

Yes, we received free incentives for taking the tour. However, we drove three hours to take the tour. I don't feel guilty.

No hard-working, honest, middle class family deserves what they are selling, and that is ice cubes to Eskimos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Be very careful of those free incentives...as some will find out they are bull too. We made the mistake of buying..well we did get the trips too..turns out you have to pay..and if you have one of the 3 day trips you will likely only be there for one day..I had picked the orlando trip..paid the 100 for taxes they said...its a process to even get a date as you have to pick three.

Set it all up, got a call about two months before our trip from the company that handles them, the man on the other end told me we would end up only spending one day. Needless to say I flipped! He offered us three days if we upgraded to over 400 dollars..I flipped again.. He ended giving me my 100 dollars back cancelling the trip and gave me a 100 dollars restaurant.com card..

That was ok..I never booked the other trips we won as we would have had to pay air fare...no thanks. Just be careful people when you go for the free gifts!

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