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Yes I received the same thing in the mall, not a scam-so far.

fiancé and I are set to take our vacation in July. We received our ticket in the mall we won the scratch off, we went to Lee mass.

listened to this time share offer ( which isn't bad if you want to take a vacation in their sponsored resorts and hotels around the world for one week a year with the "deed" you are asked to buy being your 1 week trip anywhere).

we sent in our deposit met with real people lol and are set to go to our vacation. will update after vacation to Aruba.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

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Bloomington, Illinois, United States #968467

We were there when you had the bell ring for your purchase! I didn't think to look this company up prior to us going, which I wish we had.

Too many negative comments and the price isn't worth the risk. We had some shady character come to our table to try to talk us into it and no matter how we tried to explain it wasn't going to happen, he continued on. By the time he was finished, his demeanor changed to something ugly and he walked away. They make their money on commission, and by the price of the package, I'm sure its a pretty big one.

Then we went to receive our "free" gifts I read that the only "free" for the trip is the hotel. And for that we'll need to drop a $100 deposit.

So we won the trip to Aruba but have to pay the airfare, taxes, and all the other additional expenses. Not sure where the "free" fits into this so I told my husband I would just rather save up and forget the trouble it would be to go through just to arrange the trip.

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