Ha Ha this is what you dont know they make 25 million in sales every 6 months This is your hard earn money that you are giving to ppl who dont give a rats *** about you I should know i work for them

Hill country resorts Charles Williams VP over one million dollars a year in salary Todd tupa 750 thousand a year "him an his wife are into couple swapping" Coulter Mize around 650 thousand a year she is our *** dictator Candy Evans 150 thousand a year she your hospitality director "lol" the woman is a pain in the *** and has no idea about customer service lets just say she earned her way on her back" The sales rep earn about 4 grand a week of your hard earned money they love you when you buy they curse you when you dont they use a 26 year old script yes it is rehearsed those clowns dont know there *** from a hole in the ground it required to learn a 13 page script designed to cause a problem just how many of you ppl are going to spend a 100 grand in a life time on vacations "lol" you will with them 15,500 to buy in at 17.5 % interest upgrades are another 25 thousand an up and dont forget your membership dues around 800 a year Multiply that by 20 yrs and see what you come up with lol The ppl who work behind the scenes are never reconized we are force to work long hrs our kids suffer because we are there and do they care NO buy no means We are made to sign papers that tie us to our jobs we are fired if we dont we are told to lie and Has any one ever tried calling Sandra padres lol good luck you will never reach her If you want towaste your time and hard earned money then feel free to buy into the program if you want real value for your money go see worldmark or wyndyam or marriot at least your treated like a person with them With us we just talk *** behind your back And yes i do work for silver leaf this is my last yr with this god forsaken outfit and if you want to know who you are making richer look up cerribus They so call ed gurus who bailed out the big ones during the economy crunch they own ATT Time Warner Avis and a handfull of other companies Would love to hear from you but i cant post my email addy lol Just consider me to be your insider guide to this abonimation of a company i will let you know this there will be a interview done with a local newsgroups about the working of this outfit so keep your eyes open for it Now it you come out here anytime soon and go away mad upset Guess what it your fault you have been forwarned good luck

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Customer Care.

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