this company should have negative stars for being heartless. i own three vacation weeks with silver leaf.

two of the mortgages are paid off. my son had cancer last year. i am very happy that he is now cancer free. i could not work for a good part of last year and this year.

i always managed to pay something on the account. last month i paid $600.00 on the account. i am so fed up with silver leaf that i have made arrangements to free up some money to pay off the remainder of the mortgage which should be around 1200.00. i have called three times and keep getting transferred to the operators in the philippians who are very rude and have informed me that i am in "stage 3 foreclosure'.

what!!! do me a favor, take me to court! i am taking time out of my day to work this out and they are rude. i called the corporate offices - members services and i explained the entire situation, without raising my voice and the guy hung up on me.

i hope that conversation was taped. on another note : the salesman will tell you whatever they have to to close the deal and when it comes time to come through on their end, everyone points the finger at someone else.

don't do business with this company. it's bad karma.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #845802

You cannot resell a timeshare. I mean, you COULD, but nobody will buy it and Silverleaf has made it even more impossible by stating in the contract that certain perks do not convey to any subsequent owner you sell to.

If you do not make your payments, someone who does not speak English will call you EVERY SINGLE DAY from Malasia. If you think the Salespeople are obnoxious, wait until you get a load of how they make their debt collectors harass you. At Silverleaf you get it on both ends, and in between you get to have fun...but since they sell to anybody there might be a shooting at the pool (like in Conroe recently) or a baby is allowed to drown in the pool (like last week at Seaside) because Silverleaf will literally sell to anyone with a hefty down payment. No credit check.

Just pay the money and you are in!

There is a Silverleaf owners group on Yahoo Groups. I strongly suggest all Silverleaf owners join it.


Highly trained in not listening to the word no.

I'm not saying it a bad deal If you can afford it. And 90 min

That's bull try 5 1/2 hours and I had my 2 year old grandson.

We should be better informed like don't bring kids cuz we are going to keep you here until you say yes. The lesion I learned don't pay 80 dollars for a vacation and all you have to do is listen to a salesmen for 90

min.cuz that is a hole lot of *** !

Mossville, Illinois, United States #842229

First off...! I am so sorry but on the other hand absolutely estatic in hearing about your son!!

Also, I am VERY sorry to hear about your "bad" experience with SilverLeaf. However..., as a sales person of SilverLeaf Resorts we are highly trained in sales as well as being fully trained on our program "vacation ownership" and it's amazing benefits it has to offer. Obviously, you loved the program and understood not only the amazing benefits but the amount of money you will have saved by becoming an owner. Our vacation ownership program is meant to relieve stress, not cause stress and is why we repeatedly ask you if you have any question, if you understand the program, and if you can see how our vacation ownership program will benefit you and your family.

So with understanding and seeing the benefits..? The program sales itself. We even ask how much of a deposit you can "comfortably" put down and most importantly and my whole point as to why I'm even commenting but, also monthly payment wise what you would be able to afford with us informing you that even if something were to happen in the near future because that's the reality of life and the unexpected happening, to where it wouldn't have an effect on your monthly payment, effect you from providing food on your table for your family but most importantly, prevent you from not being able to vacation anymore. Otherwise....this program is and was not meant for you (financially).

Before I became a sales rep for SilverLeaf I became an owner, because as a newly single mother of 2 beautiful girls who I felt like I was depriving them by thinking financially and with just having a divorce that I couldn't afford to take them on vacations like they were once used to going on until I went on the tour myself and in all honesty was only there and interested in receiving my free gifts in which one being a 5day/4night stay at a water park resort but again as you and I both know in order to receive our free gifts we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation. The sales rep I had was awesome and not only made the whole experience fun but also would inform me that they are not going to shove anything down my throat to where at the end of the tour would feel pressured in to buying something that I couldn't afford or didn't see the program benefiting my family which was very comforting to hear and him explaining every step of the tour and what to expect. So with him explaining everything to me, I actually was able to relax and was able to listen to what he had to say in explaining the program knowing I wasn't going to be pressured in to anything I didn't want to buy. So with that said...I absolutely loved the program, saw how it would benefit me and my 2 girls as well as seeing and learning that financially I could most definitely afford it even if something were to happen or come up in the future.

RCI is absolutely amazing!! $219 to stay at a 5 star 2brm/2bth resort for 8days/7nights any where in the world?? That's unbelievable!! Not only that but he even showed me how to make money and profit from sending my friends on there dream vacation and stay at a 5 star resort and charge them 1/3 or even 1/2 of the cost that they would end up paying because of them not having RCI.

That would pay at least 2-3 of my monthly payments!!

Again...bottom line is we are highly trained as well as being very knowledgable about the program we are selling and are constantly informing them that this program is not meant to cause stress....it is meant to relieve stress and save you LOTS of money!! But then again you saw those same amazing benefits as well and is exactly why you had become an owner yourself!!

to Lorin Mossville, Illinois, United States #842249

So again....I am sorry to hear about what happened to your son but am so glad to hear that he beat the disease and is now cancer free. But please don't come on this site bashing the wonderful company that I work for and truly believe in as well as seeing true testimonials from families I have sold vacation ownership to and truly changing there lives for the better!!

Obviously you felt the same way because you became an owner yourself!! No one forced you, or took your credit card from you and forced you to buy a deed.

You even had a grace period to back out if you wanted to!! So maybe now would be a great time to schedule a vacation so that you can relax and maybe change your frame of thinking from being so NEGATIVE and celebrate your sons life knowing that unexpected things can happen at anytime

to Lorin #843116

Yes Lorin such a wonderful company why would they hang up on her and why were they so stinking rude ? Yep now that's a wonderful company sounds to me u need to take one of them vacations to see if you can start thinking a little Better and open your eyes a little better are hey go back and get some more of that training you no the one where u guys don't listen to the word NO !

to Lorin Burkburnett, Texas, United States #843112

You guys are trained to sell and make them and yourself money the word no can't afford it is not within you listening range when u get tired that when your partner steps in. And they go on and on all the while us saying no no no !

And 90 min. That's full of bull and u know it. Our appointment was at noon and it was 5:30 before we were able to leave we were so tired and stressed out we didn't even go to the water park we went back to the hotel. You guys fell to mention it wouldn't be a good ideal to bring your grandkids to these things !!

So yea your trained very well I see !! And the tour in her car was a nightmare against my better judgment she said my grandson would not need a car seat that we were just going down the road she failed to mention how many roads we would be going down.

I'm not at all saying its a bad deal if u can afford it. But the way u guys will do and say anything is what upsets me !!

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