Rockaway Park, New York

I received a letter from Silver Resorts stating that I won one of the four prizes from their give away forms which I filled out during the car show in New York that I should call to find out what the price was so I called. The lady from Silver told me that what I won was a five day adventure but I had to give her a date when I can go to Massachusetts for the 5 days.

I asked her to send the full details of the price to me through email but she said that I had to give her a date that i would like to use the price, and I told her that I would check my calender and call her back. When I called back 5 minutes after it was a man that picked up, who had hearing difficulty and told me that the other lady recorded under my name that I said I was not interested. What a liar. He requested that I travel immediately to Massachusetts to claim the price.

What kind of people are they really looking for? Does life revolve around the 5 days or why couldn't they send all the facts in the mail. The girl was a liar and the man was rude to communicate with. I am sure the whole thing is a big scam in waiting.

What a *** way to control people. I have a timeshare already and I never had to go through this type of stupidity.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When you make fun of someone who has a hearing difficulty, you have no right calling an adult woman a girl. Not to mention you mistake being told something you do not want to hear as "rude". Most adults can tell the difference between told something they don't hear and rudeness, but little girls cannot.


I was just told I won one of four prizes but would have to go claim whatever it may be either this monday or wednesday. I really can't do it (I mean..

I probably COULD if I knew I'd win the 49,000 cash for sure or something and wouldn't scammed), and when I told her that she asked if I had a friend or family member claim for me even though the entry card says that isn't allowed.

I told her I'd call back and she hung up on me. Sounds fishy.

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