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Greetings, Silverleaf resorts continues to call my home number. This seems like a small issue, but it is harassment!

I have been called well over 50 times just today twice with in one hour. They even leave aggressive threatening messages. I always explain, the people they are looking for do not live here and I have had the number for over 15 years! They always say the number will be removed, as they continue to call back.

A simple criss cross check of the number would tell them who the number belongs to, but yet despite my verbage and letters they continue to harass my family! This is a very poorly run outfit obviously

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dude pissed consumer! this gets old!

i clicked a complaint about the USPS, and I get transferred to THIS complaint.

and it has already happened numerous other times as well.

please fix this. or is thin intentional that you want to redirect people to other complaints that have nothing to do with the complaint they want to view?


Call the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against them. This isn't the first time and they are a crappy company.

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