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i went to montgomery county courthouse to look-up information about silverleaf resorts and found that at least 91 foreclosures were being auctioned off on 1/1/13 at the courthouse. this is an regular occurance the list is on a bulliten board at the entrance on the right side when you enter the building at 301 North Thompson in concoe texas.

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2012

have had silverleaf timeshare almost 20 yrs. *** on my part.

only way to use endless escape is to complain a lot, cannot use at certain resorts, you can trade your week through R C I but the places you can go are very limited. example if you had a week in hawii would you want to trade for a week at any silverleaf resort, low trading power through R C I. I had been trying to get a reservation using endless escape starting 2 weeks prior to that date I wanted to stay at piny shores and was told no vancancy was avaliable. I went to the resort for the day and maybe 15 cars were at the resort, I called from the resort and was told the resort was full when I informed them that I was at the resort and there was only approx.

15 cars at the resort I was able to get a cabin.

the next morning another 3 or 4 cars were in the resort. now will give resort away to the next victim, only pay maintance fees , it's better to just pay more and go where and when you want, 900.00+ yr + rci membership + fees = 1000.+

Monetary Loss: $7500.

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