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I purchased a timeshare at Silverleaf (SL) ultimately because I could exchange it with RCI.

When I tried to deposit my week on the SL website I discovered that SL had blocked the electronic transaction. I was then forced to call SL Reservations and was subjected to all the reasons why I "should stay within the Silverleaf family" of resorts, then told "I had to deposit at least a year early" (not true), and finally was told "things have changed" and I would need to contact SL reservations anytime I wanted to exchange my week. (I guess the web screen that is suppose to make this a simple transaction is just for show?) This certainly isn't the exchange process listed in their literature.

I held my ground and insisted I simply wanted to deposit my "owned" week with RCI. SL said it would take 48-hours to make this happen. I have no idea why they need 2 additional days to process what should be a simple request.

Seems to me they are trying very hard to make the exchange program as difficult as possible. Maybe they figure I'll just give up...NOT!

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My family purchased our membership/Timeshare at Silver Leaf two years ago and have stayed there once. I would like to "exchange" our time for RCI but am unsure of how to go about this.

The number on the RCI website didn't work 866-280-7499.

Any advice? I was thinking to use a week and go on my honeymoon in about 10 months...


It ia extremely difficult to get reservation in Silver leaf. When you sign the contract.

the agents are positive about getting reservations, but when you try to book the vacation, it is impossible. Silverleaf Rci is extremely inefficient. When you call, no agent is available.

You may be able get a response after two or three days. Very slow.



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How RCI works is as follows, Lets say that I owned week 15 with 2bd/2bth condo and I dont want to use it that week, I can simply deposit it with RCI. now, let's say that I want to vacation to Texas on week 25.

I can go thru RCI and book some resort with the same 2bd/2bth condo,but guess what, no vacancy, what about next week, no vacancy, now you're stuck. the only way out is that you have to pay for anything that's available on that date that you want to travel.They call it exchanges. roughly they go from $250 to $450 for a weeks vacation. you just gave up a free 1 week vacation and now you have to pay, but what happened to the week 15 you just gave up?

well someone else bought if for $350 thru RCI. Because they didn't want to vacation on their week (week 2 for say)they wanted to vacation on week 15,(your week) you could've sold your week and made $350. Just like that week that you want to buy, that resort in Texas, well, you are buying someone elses week. He also lost a free week, now HE HAS TO PAY TOO.

guess who made money on the exchanges? RCI did. The 'LAST CALLS' are the same, If I dont want to go on my week, lets say, it's in 3 weeks, well I'll just deposit it with RCI and they will sell your next week vacation for cash.

Because it's LAST CALL, they will sell it cheap, $250 starting price. Timeshare owners dont make money, the timeshares Resorts and RCI do.


Does anyone have any factual information, names, documented, recorded phone conversations? I would think it would be great to post a nice sound file of a telephone conversation if this is really what is taking place.

It seems like no one takes the time to really document the facts and then file a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office.

anyway, this forum for discussion would be better if we had some really good documented posts instead of miniscule information.


You’re lucky when we called RCI for the first time they told us we had to pay three years in advance before we could use RCI. RCI is one of the main reason that lures people into buying timeshares, with out that SL wouldn’t make any sells.

It sounds to me like RCI is in bed with most of these timeshare companies. By the way I refused to pay 3 years in advance to use RCI services.