Wow can't believe silverleaf resorts has sold out to an India company gen pact. Cerberus has ruined a good American company.

How can you do the owners this way??! And your going to raise the Maintenance dues again. It's one thing after another lie after lie since the Cerberus take over. You add fees to everything just to make a extra dollar off us owners.

This is a sad day when you really hit us over the head and move stuff to India seriously? When were you going to tell us owners??

Owners lets get together and stop this company from the poor choices its making yet we have to live with. Silverleaf offer us a way out there is no way I can support India I'm an American!!!!

Monetary Loss: $45000.

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This posting has no facts to back. It is not true.

The truth is your value is increasing. Don't be mad they don't give things away to winers anymore.

Davenport, Florida, United States #711302

What are you serious! *** no I will put a stop payment on my account.

I honestly can't believe they sold to India company speechless wow. After all these years it been a nightmare these last few years.

to Kiss my *** silverleaf Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil #711928

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