I have never and will never do business with this company, however, apparently they have time and resources to burn by continuing to call my home to 'make a deal'.

It all began when I answered a call from 817.525.1024 SilverLeaf Reso and told the caller they had the wrong number. The caller laughed and said "No problem. I will tell you".. I told them I was on the No Call List and was not interested in anything they were selling and not to call again.

They have logged 24 calls in 10 days - even after being told I am not at all interested. I have opened the line and hung up, used a whistle into the phone, ignored them etc.

What a bunch of idiots. If you do any business with this company you deserve what you get.

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You're a ***!

Sugar Land, Texas, United States #712924
The last comment hit home a little hard, but alas, very much indeed, correct. :sigh

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