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I worked at Silverleaf Flint TX for a while and was fired. Man, am I glad! That uptight, condescending *** did me the biggest favor by firing me! I had worked there for a number of days (always reporting on time) and because of the one day I got sick I was fired. What a blessing in disguise that was! And now I read of all these other complaints.

What I can tell you is that customers come in wanting to do who knows what (buy a timeshare, just get gifts, whatever). They are asked to go to a table and "sign in." Then they come back to the desk and are asked to present two forms of ID (a drivers license and major credit card).

BUT...IF the card says "debit" on it it can't be accepted and it is recommended to the employee to explain right then and there that "I'm sorry, Mrs. Whatever, we can't do the tour but you can still get your of four." I only have a debit card and I had to tell people that they are basically not as good/not as valued as someone with a major card. I'll never knowingly work at a place like that.

Some people don't carry non-debit cards because they don't believe in real credit and obviously some can't afford it. It's terrible practice and gauche, stone-hearted crass policy to reject someone for non-presention of a major card. One lady had a lot of major cards in the car and said that she really did intend to give $2000 but that she was a lost customer because of the rejection, which goes like this:

The letters "NQ" are written on the non-qualifying customer's app. Then all of the "NQ's" are "walked" in a big herd to another building for someone to get with them and tell them why they didn't qualify (while watching out the windows other people being taken on the tours (oh...and if someone is married and the spouse isn't with them...non-qualification!)). Then they leave and are sent home. It's obvious to the qualifiers what happens to the non-qualifiers and vice-versa.

Then, I go to pick up my check and the only two intelligible words out of her mouth after she whips the check towards me are "here...bye." Never, ever work or deal with this company. I could feel something not right about it the moment I walked in but tried to pretend nothing was wrong. And most asinine of all are the televisions in the waiting rooms. There's no real tv! There's only DVD's (run by a player that always sticks and has to be rebooted), played time after time. The same ones, day in , day out. Cheap, cheap, cheap and snobby and degrading to boot! Do yourself a favor and turn back.

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I went to Silverleaf Resorts-Conroe for an owner update-really a sales pitch to get me to spend more && on a more expensive Timeshare. After turning down the upgrades, I received my "gifts" via Spirit Incentives out of Florida.

This is where the real S... hits the fan. I received a cruise travel certificate after viewing a timeshare presentation at Silverleaf Resorts. I sent in the notifications, money, 3 travel dates just as prescribed in the Spirit Incentives literature.

When I called to confirm the date for the cruise, I was offered a date on which my partner could not cruise. I was told to take it or leave it and it had to be that day. I expressed my extreme displeasure at being offered a 4th date that I could not travel on. They showed no compassion or positive customer service.

I did, however, get my $150 back. Spirit Incentives had no intentions of honoring they word. They offer the classic bait & switch integrity...dishonest deceitful scammers. I reported this to Silverleaf.

I lump Silverleaf in the same category since they continue to use companies that are scammers. I am compiling a letter to Silverleaf, the BBB of Florida, the BBB of Texas & the Texas & Florida State Attorney General about the deceptive business practices of Spirit Travel & Silverleaf Resorts.

I'm a broke college student I don't believe in credit cards for they are a death trap. any way actually considering doing the tour, not even interested in spending money.

I tend to get a thrill out of Fu**ing with sales people, i love to watch them get mad and make them sweat. this sounds like my kind of party, They will never forget the day i walked through thier door.

so in short im just going to go so i can raise ***. :)

Tonyb - you described EXACTLY what happened to my mom & I while were taking a tour of the Villages. I mean, down to a T. We recognized all of the sales cliches [waving, cute conversation, etc.]

We spent 4 hours there, my mom practically broke down into tears, and our salesman asked us extremely personal questions that were absolutely none of his business.

we took a tour, in the salesman's car. what the..? we finished the tour thank god, but not without being shown through every dirty inch of that place. we went back to the big room, went to the other side, etc.

we hastily walked out when the 'man from the corporate office' left to go find papers on a 'great deal.' thank god we didn't buy anything.

our salesman lied through his teeth, told us he worked for no commission in the research department, and said he had never done sales before. liar; he used every sales tactic ever invented, including trying to turn myself against my mom so i could convince her to buy a timeshare. my mom called him out on everything, he looked 'shocked' and 'apologized', told us he is a family man, every line in the book, but i didn't believe him.

all of it offended us to the extreme, we kept telling him that we would NEVER buy a timeshare from silverleaf; not now or ever. he acted like he didn't hear us and kept pointing to the huge money figures he circled on the paper and asking us why we didn't want to buy, even after we already explained. after we drove away, my mom and i came to the conclusion that all of silverleaf's tactics seem very illegal and slippery.

i would've never gone if i had known it would have turned out like it did.

the whole place was trashy anyway, everyone looked like they stepped out of a trailer park, and the condos were disgusting.

never waste your time.


Silverleaf, The Villages, Flint, TX -

Tom you have described much of what those who visit The Villages at Flint will experience. My wife and I went through a tour this past week of this particular property.

Our tour was scheduled for 2:30pm and promised to be no more than 90 minutes long. We arrived at 2:15pm, and were greeted by asked to show the two forms of I.D. Interestingly, when producing the credit card the lady simply recorded the expiration date. I would have refused to allow the recording of the number. The tour representative did not arrive until 3:10pm.

The representative was a very young man obviously new to sales as he used every sales cliche in the book. That got old very quick, to the point of becoming irritable.

We were taken to lodge with an open room where other representatives had couples seated at tables giving the intitial sales pitch. It is very loud in this room, very difficult to hear, so you are at a disadvantage in not being able to hear everything that is being said. This is where you are asked if having time with your family is important, what dollar amount would you put on that time and so forth. Pretty lame. If you have ever been through any multi-level marketing presentation, this portion of the tour is somewhat similar.

The physical tour of the property was pleasant. The real estate is pretty. The rooms the present for show are obviously the best, and this particular property has an indoor waterpark that caught our initially caught our attention and inticed us seek a tour.

After the physical tour is over, you are taken back to the lodge where the intitial paper presentation began. Now you are seated on the opposite side of the room .... what I prefer to call the "Leopold" room. This is where they bring you in for the kill.

Your representative will ask you to buy a "deed" with Silverleaf properties. You will not own a tangible piece of property mind you, rather hold a deed on "time" and be allowed the use of the amenities of the Silverleaf properties. He will hit you with some massive numbers that will literally make your head swim. We are talking small mortgage numbers! Undoubtedly you will decline the offer. At that time he will raise his hand which notifies the sales manager to tag team with him. They make cute conversation momentarily, the representative leaves and you are about to embark on some "really great deals".

BUT ... obviously, when you realize that you will still have to sell your first born to buy in to this program the sales manager leaves. He comes BACK. Now he has a new deal for you. He has deeds from people who have "bought up" and you can have their old deed for the "original" purchase price. What a deal !!! Being the fact that you will have to sell your home or vehicle to have the money just for a down payment on your new deed to "time", the sales manager leaves ..... again.

Now enters Mr. Corporate. (for the 4th sales kill) This young man that came to our table and introduced himself as being from the corporate office was no more a corporate representative than I am a CIA operative. He "may" have been old enough to have had an associates degree from our local junior college. Seriously.

Again, our tour was scheduled for 2:30pm, we were promised 90-miuntes, it is now 6:35pm. I am standing up, my wife is almost in tears, and he wants to start with a really "GREAT" deal. We both cut him off before he even gets started, demand someone issue our gifts promised to us and show us the exit. Mr. Corporate, enraged at the lost sale, interestingly forgets professional etiquette as he stands quickly knocking the chair against the wall and storms away without a word.

We found the "awards center" ourselves. We had to sign in and WAIT in line for another 22 minutes before the young lady called our name. It took several more minutes to finish the paperwork and leave.

This is an incredibly long post. But I took the time to share this so anyone considering such a tour might have information to make an intelligent decision.

Remember, these people are asking you to make an incredible financial sacrifice. The presentation does sound compelling, a lot of numbers are thrown your way, it is extremely fast-paced, all of which places you at a disadvantage. Lastly, the tour runs well past the promised time oftentimes pressing you to make a hasty decision so you can leave.

I hope these comments help those contemplating doing business with Silverleaf or their subsidiaries. Take care.



Weve been members at The Villages in Flint Texas for 30 years and we went in for an "Owner Update meeting" (just another sales pitch) They asked who my employer was and i told them i am on social security and guess what i got? yup, the big NQ. So tell me, how am i not qualified after 30 years of ownership?

Hinnerup, Midtjylland, Denmark #27375

What do they do with the "Major" credit card? Do you just show it to them or do they try to make you pay another "deposit" right there?

Port Hueneme, California, United States #26243

I concur that silverleaf, The villages, at Flint, Texas are horrible. High pressure sales, but I expected that.

After the tour, the gifts are horrible. About 80 percent win a trip to Disneyland which is actually a trip to Orlando not a trip to disneyworld. Three days, two nights. check this, must travel on Tuesday after 3, and then leave the 2nd morning before 6.

this leaves one day in Orlando if you can even get the flight. The person who sat up my appointment lied to me stating that I would get at a minimum $500 in cash. The roads are horrible and most of the places to stay are grungy. They only show you the best.

The RV park is non-existant, just a few spots with water and electricity along the road to the boat dock.

Horrible at best. Unless you are going for the intertainment value of the tour alone, do not waste your time.

Union Springs, New York, United States #25095

Well sad to say, my boyfriend and I went to a presentation in Sheridan, IL. The flyer said 90 minute tour-it turned out to be 4 miserable hours.

Don't get me wrong, the resort and condos are nice.......but I am not going to buy a "deed" for $15,000 just to 'vacation'. Our salesman was nice, but after you tell him no about 30 times, he sends his 'manager' over and as he talked, he stared at my ***, my boyfriend had to put my purse in front of them on the table. (and they are by no means large). You have to tell the manager no about 60 times, then the send the 'corporate' guy and you have to tell him no a few times.

We were supposed to have been able to use the amenities, that never happened. They like to make condescending comments such as......."You mean you don't want to spend quality time with your family?" Quality time with my family does not equal BUYING A TIMESHARE!!!!!!

I really do not suggest anyone goes on the tour or buy a deed. It is all a big rip off.

Aja, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt #24556

AND, "don't work at silverleaf resorts," you're right. Hospitality when I was there did in fact bring in on both sides of the desk GIGANTIC tables of gourmet food of which I'd bet no more than a quarter was actually eaten because of the hour (it was close to closing). Most of it probably just got dumped.

Aja, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt #24544

See the June 25, 2008 critique "Don't work at Silverleaf Resorts."

Aja, Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt #24539

And...I apologize to the family from Tyler and especially to the matron of which travelled for a very long time, to whom I had to give that lame explanation. I'm not working there anymore and I'm sorry you had to go through that.

I don't have a major credit card either but only a debit card but I'm still a person who wants respect and not to be disqualified from something. I once interviewed for a company in Tyler and while I was waiting for the manager to come by I glanced at scripts to say/policies to stick by for customers on the phone.

One line says "after you have called the person if you find out he's single he is disqualified. We do not want single people at the presentation party." I left and never looked back, leaving the manager completely and desevedly confused.

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