My wife and I were approached at travel show in Rosemont, Il and were offered a two night stay at Key Lime Cove, then the told me I had to put a $40 deposit for a presentation about their resort. I thought how bad could it be it was only going to be 90 mins.

We arrived and had to wait 20 mins for a rep to call us in. It was a kindly old guy who was doing this more to get out of the house more than anything. We were put into a large room with tables for two and loud blairing music (and an ATM in the corner), they even had a mock of the property. I thought this isn't so bad, then the slick a-hole "manager" began the hard sell.

When we told him we weren't interested he throw up his hands and said " there is nothing more I can do for you!". Then a third guy came over started in on numbers and what they can do for us. My mom was watching our two boys and wondering where we are called me. I told the sales guy we need to get going and he said what is your mom going to get "more pissed off".

My eyelids were getting heavy and he could tell. Our 90 minute session was over 2 hours, got our Key Lime voucher and got the *** out of there.

I felt like I need a shower and had just visited the Glengerry Glenross firm from the movie of the same name. Don't do anything with these people.

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Plainfield, Illinois, United States #799188

Wow your on the money with it all. We had the same experience today.

Pushy salesmen who kept comming and going and trying to get us to part with our savings. We were smart enough to not give in to their scam. We did recieve our free gifts to keylime cove, a 40dollar voucher and another vacation. Hmmm.

Wonder what other bs will come with that. I'm also curious if there are other hidden fees for keylime cove

to Joe Plainfield, Illinois, United States #822488

Did you actually went to key lime cove? Where there any hide fees ?

Please let me know.... Believe it or not we just brought one of those packets and after reading all this reviews I want to cry ...please share the info

Naperville, Illinois, United States #788808

I just bought the same package have not gone yet. Did you actually get to go to Key Lime Cove?

Did you get charged any additional expenses?

I was thinking of asking for a refund but also hard that it to receive.

to noname Naperville, Illinois, United States #830352

Did you get charged any additional fees???

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