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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the money from maintenance fees so that managers could go on vacation trips for free and go to restaurants for free .

I told the director of financial services that this was very wrong to charge owners maintenance fees so that Silverleaf executives and or mangers could have there own personal pleasures for free !! Because I was a manager I discovered a lot of things they were doing were very illegal . I recently decided I could no longer work for them because there business ethics were terrible . I will find some owners of Silverleaf Resorts and I will be filing a lawsuit against Silverleaf Resorts because I feel like they owe the owners millions of dollars for illegally charging the owners monthly MAINTENANCE FEES !!

If any Silverleaf Owners want to join me please let me know . Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Does Silverleaf have a Quit Dead program where we can at least get rid of it?


I would like to participate. Vira0777@ymail.com


Please include me, too! I stayed there this weekend and the units have mold in the ventilation system but the staff blow it off as a stinky smell & you can't get out of your timeshare nightmare unless, of course, you want to trade it in for Holiday Inn Club Vacations Points at a minimum fee of $30k with monthly payments for 10 years. Beyond frustrating!


Type your message Add me to the ever growing list. I tried to exchange my week last year and kept getting told there was no time available for the week and the 2 resorts I chose; one being my home resort.

I checked online and by phone weekly. This went on for 6 months! Two weeks before my vacation week (that I had requested), I looked to see if there was any bonus time available on my Endless Escapes. Low and behold, there was plenty of space and time available, yet I had been told I could not use my week because nothing was available.

Then I was not able to reserve my week because I needed to provide 30 days notice. They are holding our weeks and reselling them on 3rd party sites.

Since the takeover by Holiday Inn, I have also considered filing a class action lawsuit, as my fees continue to increase and when banking my week inhouse, I am not able to exchange it for another Holiday Inn Resort due to them hiding or reselling our weeks. I have been an owner for 22 years and my deed was paid in full nearly 20 years ago!here


same here. dont like the take over


I am interested and willing to skeptical about why these fees continue to increase. shiwant@yahoo.com


I am interested also; smokingun07@yahoo.com


where do we file a claim on the lawsuit cuz I too am being charged for bonus time


Count me in for lawsuit they screwed me after owning time share since 1996 , took my endless escape and bonus time and i was grandfathered in , lanjoe35@yahoo.com


Count me in on the class action law suit. Pegels27@hotmail.com


My husband and I signed on to Silverleaf. We were told there would be a very minimal ($0.50) increase for maintenance fees (it goes up a couple dollars every year!).

I told the seller I am in education and could never do the May week he offered. Its smack dab in the middle of state testing season. The seller countered that we would have bonus weeks and we could substitute our week for another week.

That was an outright lie. My email is ewhapham@comcast.net


I would like to be included in the lawsuit. My email is Freda.mansfield@att.net


Type your message hereIs it legal for a company to buy timeshares and change the policies of the original contract? I recently refinance my home and another lender bought my loan, nothing changed on my contract, nothing, no additional fees or charges were added.

Shouldn't the contract for time shares be honored as any other contract? If not would this be breach of contract. I never entered into a contract with Holiday Club. My time share is paid in full.

Holiday Club legally stole my deed, like if my house is paid off and another lender steals my deed and tell me I must pay the taxes on my house if not I have vacate the property. please some class action lawyer contact me smoke5727@yahoo.com asap.


yes please include me in the class action law suit, my email is smokey5727@yahoo.com I am a silverleaf owner and I am pissed at being charge to us my bonus time where I grandfather in


sign me in too kathruyn5@yahoo.com


sign me in too


Add me to the list msinstallations1@yahoo.com


I would like to join My timeshare was taken back in 2014 for non payment of maintenance fees.My timeshare was paid in full in 2010


My email is msinstallations1@yahoo.com


I want to join you! They are not going by our contracts. Tell me how to join up!!