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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the money from maintenance fees so that managers could go on vacation trips for free and go to restaurants for free .

I told the director of financial services that this was very wrong to charge owners maintenance fees so that Silverleaf executives and or mangers could have there own personal pleasures for free !! Because I was a manager I discovered a lot of things they were doing were very illegal . I recently decided I could no longer work for them because there business ethics were terrible . I will find some owners of Silverleaf Resorts and I will be filing a lawsuit against Silverleaf Resorts because I feel like they owe the owners millions of dollars for illegally charging the owners monthly MAINTENANCE FEES !!

If any Silverleaf Owners want to join me please let me know . Thanks

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let me know what comes of a lawsuit. Might be interest. gigemlala@yahoo.com


sign me up. Please let me know more.

Thanks. Can be reached at susanalexson@gmail.com.


my maintenance fee has risen so much that it is breaking me.


I would be interested in joining a law suit. I tried to change my address when we moved.

The person said I needed to do tjis on line. I tried. I called again and number was disconnected. They now tell me that my maintenance fees have gone up but never received notice.

They are now harassing me almost every day with phone calls.

I am done. Shariski24@gmail.com


Some time ago Silverleaf had a similar lawsuit and we the owners won. Count me in. crislupe9@yahoo.com


I would like to be involved in this lawsuit if persued. Please email me at Michellmillusa@hotmail.com. Thank you!


Thank you for your comments. I would CERTAINLY want to be included in this lawsuit, if pursued. jrhodus0546@sbcglobal.net


Its been a while since I've used them. Is the lawsuit still on....please, contact me at rogersresourcesllc@aol.com. thanks


Is this lawsuit still on? If so, Pls. Email me at cecuad17@gmail.com


Totally agree with the last comment. Fees are outrages, I would rather not pay a high price unless I was getting something for my share.

Over 30 years with only 1 visit is sad.

Very poor service the first time we visited. So we never returned.


There are people who you can hire to legally get you out of a timeshare. Look on Dave Ramsey's website.

We are ready to get out! High maintenance fees with nothing to show for it.

The last time we went to a meeting with a sales person, he wanted us to sign up for Holiday Inn resorts for a ton of $$$! I told him that Holiday Inn should be paying Silverleaf owners for the use of out condos!




Has anyone found out anything about this law suit, and how do you get involved . tex5one @yahoo.com


I'm an owner and I feel the same.


Maintenace Fees are in each and every one of the contracts . I too am a former employee and also am a Timeshare owner with them.

When you owe a piece of property, you are responsible to pay taxes, upkeep. insurance, security, repairs, etc, etc. Owning a Timeshare is Property ownership.

I accept that. I do not know where you are getting your information but it is incorrect.


Count us in! Longtime owners and getting less and less and still paying maintenance fees!


I'm in lstsibrandon@yahoo.com. I own a bi-annual deed and I have to pay for maintenance fees for the year I don't get to use it. Messed up!!!


We r in .... bambamcat@yahoo.comOwners ... include us please


I have been an owner for quite a while, I actually still have a deeded property. Every time I go and use my "condo" on my week, the condo is in deplorable condition, it looks like it has not been cleaned, the water when you first turn it on is dirty, you can see dirt in the water, there tub and shower was disgusting, and I had to clean both to use them.

It looks like it has not been dusted in a year, and the furniture it falling apart. Since I have a deeded property I need to get in touch with the county that they are located in as I have not been receiving any tax documents. While it is probably a small amount, I would thing it is illegal not to provide me with those documents.

Also the fees that I am paying are obviously bogus, they are charging me 95 a month for the fees. Silverleaf SUCKS


we have been an owner for at least 20. I can tell you we are not pleased with our fee going up and not getting anything out of it.

seems we are giving all that money now to Holiday Inn and yet we are not allowed to use all their sites. They want more money???????????We would love to dump this timeshare and get something with more value.

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