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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the money from maintenance fees so that managers could go on vacation trips for free and go to restaurants for free .

I told the director of financial services that this was very wrong to charge owners maintenance fees so that Silverleaf executives and or mangers could have there own personal pleasures for free !! Because I was a manager I discovered a lot of things they were doing were very illegal . I recently decided I could no longer work for them because there business ethics were terrible . I will find some owners of Silverleaf Resorts and I will be filing a lawsuit against Silverleaf Resorts because I feel like they owe the owners millions of dollars for illegally charging the owners monthly MAINTENANCE FEES !!

If any Silverleaf Owners want to join me please let me know . Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Email here to file a complaint, it takes 2 minutes, let's unite and make a change ceo@advcc.org Make a difference and help us, i am an owner too and feel totally taken advantage off


How do you get out of the whole thing????? I would just like to miss them goodbye!!!!


I also want to be part of this


I would like to be part of this too


Yes we would like to be included in this action


I am a SilverLeaf owner as well. The selling point was Bonus Time being free during the week, we signed up. I would like to sign the up for suing them.


I was told by Silverleaf Sales department if I would up grade to a penthouse and pay $ 10.000.00 I would be able to stay in one unit ever (6) six days with my endless escape because I own two weeks what a lie because now they want to charge me.


Join the Silverleaf Resort Owners Group on Facebook, and then contribute to the go fund me, we need to stick together, they dont expect that, but they do expect quitters giving in and giving back deed


Originally purchased at Holiday Hills every other year and loved the bonus time. Converted into Orange Lake Trust for annual usage Ozark Mountain.

Received notification that Sunday through Thursday is now $25/night and Friday and Saturday is now $75/night. This is not what I was originally told or agreed to. Looking over the contract and it states the bonus time agreement can be changed at any time.

I would never have made this purchase if I knew this was going to happen. Please keep me posted of any class action lawsuits regarding this issue.


PLEASE HELP by filing a 2 minute complaint with attorney general in Texas .. that is the main Base of Silverleaf ..

here is the link ...

also SHARE on FB and Twitter and Social media ... along with using the following Hashtags #SILVERLEAF #TIMESHARE #vacation #scam COMPLAINT HERE - TAKES 2 MINUTES http://txoag.force.com/CPDOnlineForm

to ensuritygroupllc #1639881

Thanks I will fill it out and forward it others.

to ensuritygroupllc #1640753

That website is under construction but rou can still send a email to the AG.

to ensuritygroupllc #1643239

Bonus time fee must be illegal. It is grandfathered into original contract.

The AG must rectify this atrocity to its loyal members. I will enter into the class action suit.

to Joseph DeBlase #1650757

I will as well.

to ensuritygroupllc #1648957

can't see the website


yes am interested ,same reason fee for Bonus time.[ kathruyn5@yahoo.com]


I would like to learn more on how I can get out of my Silverleaf contract. I too am grandfathered to endless escape.

We were told there is no fee for life. After talking to them they now insist that is bonus time.

It is not. I have $0 fee marked on my endless escape, now called bonus time.

to DiscretePersian431 #1657753

Me too and they are robbing us blind. I have finished paying for my condo now I have to pay to use my endless escape.

We does it end? They lied to us to and said once it’s paid for endless escape you can use it like you want no fees.

I want to join any lawsuit you all have. This is wrong.


Please contact me by email jmartiii@yahoo.com .. I’d like to join and contribute to the Silverleaf/ Holliday Inn lawsuit


I’d like to join the lawsuit

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