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I was a manager at SILVERLEAF RESORTS and after looking at there contracts that they had owners sign I saw where they were illegally charging owners maintenance fees . I approached the director of financial services because I had heard that SILVERLEAF RESORTS used the money from maintenance fees so that managers could go on vacation trips for free and go to restaurants for free .

I told the director of financial services that this was very wrong to charge owners maintenance fees so that Silverleaf executives and or mangers could have there own personal pleasures for free !! Because I was a manager I discovered a lot of things they were doing were very illegal . I recently decided I could no longer work for them because there business ethics were terrible . I will find some owners of Silverleaf Resorts and I will be filing a lawsuit against Silverleaf Resorts because I feel like they owe the owners millions of dollars for illegally charging the owners monthly MAINTENANCE FEES !!

If any Silverleaf Owners want to join me please let me know . Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Count me in L Brown 60@hotther.com


Please include me Ronb413@yahoo.com


Count me in horrible place dwayne.2jesmar@yahoo.com


Please include me also. littlebuckster@gmail.com


Count me in for the lawsuit. rjoshi78@aol.com


I would like to join for the lawsuit. They have been charging me every month and when I call to book a vacation it's never available eventhough I bought the Red week which I was told never have to wait.


I had a timeshare with Silverleaf Resorts and when I purchased a second one, they used my paid unit to buy the second one without my permission or my knowledge. I stopped paying the maintenance fees so they tried to take my units. I had unlimited bonus time but it wasn't readily available.


I believe they charge to much considering the way the units look


I’ll join in reidrasberry@gmail.com


Keep me informed. We are presidential members and have belonged for years


My husband and I would very much like to get in on the suit. Talk about a rip off!!!


Count us in .. misspam97@yahoo.com


Count me in if this is still active raina.barrett@yahoo.com


Count me in Soccrbebe@yahoo.com


Add me.


We were scammed in a big way by silver leaf. Would definitely like to participate in a law suit.


i am in same situation , pay for time share get calls to pay 92 dollars when i am behind . they got me good since i have time share with my mom they charge us both . so were can i get help with this any advice


We refused to pay and we were told that they would foreclose on our paid in full timeshare and ruin our credit for the next 7 years

to Robin Young #1572204

They will. I had 2 properties.

Was not able to continue to pay the steep maintance fees and mortgage. Silverleaf was filing the properties as a defaulted mortgage so i would not b able to purchase a home.

Silverleaf is terrible to wk with. I could tell u stories....

to Any owner #1574182

What does not make sense is having to pay monthly maintenance fees when we have 1 week every other year? I have had this since 2008 and have never used it once either

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