As a former employee, someone has to defend this company. Although I no longer work there, I will stand up for it. I worked there for a pretty long time, and I would not work somewhere where my morals and beliefs were conflicting with my job requirements. The reason I quit is simply due to the fact that most of the people I was connected with were flat out rude.

People need to realize that the people who are "harassing" them by calling up to THREE, maybe FOUR times a day (wow, don't go overboard) are doing their job just like everybody else. Like any other company, there are daily quotas to be met and monthly goals to be reached.

First, the operators there aren't calling you, the dialer is. So I'm sorry Mr/Mrs. Smith if this is the 2nd time we've talked today and you told me earlier you were busy; until you say you aren't interested or you're uneligible, you WILL be receiving a call back because you go right back on our dialer.

Second, this is the real world. Obviously some of the operators there are going to be nicer than others. If you happen to be on the line with one of the more disgruntled ones, take a moment to walk in their shoes...could it possibly be because they just got off the phone with someone who told them they were going to *** for this phone call?

It's not the end of the world, people. It's a PHONE CALL. Picking up and hanging up won't solve the problem, just answer it and tell the operator kindly to take your name off the list. It got on the list by you in the first place, anyways. Any raffle or sweepstakes you enter obviously has thousands of leftover losing entry forms, and they send them to SL to award you the trip.

SL is a legitimate business. It is considered false advertising to promise an prize/award and then for you not to receive it. My own mom went on a tour at The Villages before I began working there and took a vacation to Hawaii where she came back extremely satisfied.

I quit SL because of the rudeness I encountered from the people I spoke with. Being a Christian woman, I was shocked when I was screamed at and told I was sinning. For a phone call? I think not. I was told to try and find a real job (for $9.25/hr plus commission and only 18 years old, I'm fine with that). I was threatened that I was going to get sued (SilverLeaf is protected by law in several different ways and in alliance with the Better Business Bureau) and I was cursed at repeatedly. I've never been exposed to human nature at it's worst like that (or is that normal?), so I quit.

Let me say this: I had tons of satisfied customers who bought into timeshare that I would call once every month or two just to see how they were enjoying it. The feedback I got was always positive. Maybe you were counting on receiving all these amazing gifts and not being pressured into purchasing anything. If you did believe that, you need to have a reality check. This is a business world. Everything that is "free" is really just an incentive to something else. Don't get me wrong, the prizes here are free in the terms of money, but in return they will try and sell you timeshare. If you want it, great, take advantage of it. If not, take your prizes and go home. But try not to waste your breath putting down others who are just trying to get by in this world that revolves around finances.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Hey i am going to silverleaf for my prizes and if i win 49,000 dollars they won't have to worry cause i will buy timeshare. i'm going win, lose, or draw.



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I'm just saying that Mark is right because I worked there for a long time and timeshare works great for some people and some people hate their timeshare because they were either lied to or they just don't know how it all works. Just like JD said you have to know what your buying and how to use it before you bash it.

I know for a fact that people at Silverleaf read these blogs as well as other timeshare companies. When other timeshare companies read all theses bad reviews or the people that own at the other resorts read them, it will definitely bring the demand down. If you think about it, if you wanted to go to another resort and started reading all these bad reviews, would you want to trade out and go to that resort, probably not and that alone in time will bring your trading power down when you want to go through RCI to Disney World or what the place might be. I have seen a lot of remarks about the BBB and how people make complaints to them, but each resort is scored individually and Silverleaf Resorts do have few A+ resorts, like Holiday Hills Resort in Branson and I think the one in Boston is scored A+ as well.

My point is this, the BBB scores a Resort on how they fast and efficiently they resolve whatever the complaint was in the first place.

Just like any other company they have their up's and downs and lately they seem they have been doing better for the most part. With them doing better and not having a lot bad complaints all over the internet they might actually start being a better company as a whole and for current Silverleaf Resort Owners that is always a good thing for everyone.


I worked for them...they are evil, and will never leave you alone once you buy...even when you are dead, they will continue to harass your family...until the end of time....


I have timeshare and I love it...the only people who think timeshare is bad are the ones that got suckered because they can't think for themselves.

Ludlow, England, United Kingdom #31776

I agree, let's stop bashing our resort, it only makes our trading power drop if everyone thinks SL is that bad.

They are not.

Wellsville, Kansas, United States #28881
Obviously no one's "listening" since it's in text. But apparently they ARE reading, as are you apparently because you left a comment! :)

Nobody’s listening to you!!

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