As a former employee of Silverleaf Resorts - Buyer beware..The treat their employees

worse than the hundreds of people that they filter through the timeshare presentation.

If you bought with them, check your paperwork. You probably missed a signature on one of the documents, but I guarantee you that if you requested a copy from the corporate office, your signature would be on that document. They forge names and notarize documents long after you have left the resort. That is your grounds for cancelling the program. If you call the corporate office in Dallas, Texas and threaten lawsuit or that you will contact the Attorney General, they will back down. You have to scream loud and long, but they will cancel and possibly refund your money.

Everything they do is illegal. I don't know how they stay in business. I was fired because I refused to lie and cheat good people. Most of the employees are on drugs and drive you around in their vehicles under the influence. Money is their motivator. Do not buy anything from Denny Moore!!!!!!!

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Timeshare Advocacy International is the leader in timeshare contract resolutions!

If you have been a victim of deceptive sales practices during your purchase or upgrade of your timeshare we have the solution. We are the only advocacy group in the U.S. that focuses on deceptive sales practices within the timeshare industry that is accredited with the BBB .

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In November of 2010 TAI was sued by the largest timeshare developer in the world for assisting timeshare owners out of their contracts with their resort. The charges ranged from violating the Tennessee Uniformed Secrets Act, Tennessee Consumer Rights Act, unauthorized practice of law, intentional interference with business relationships, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, unfair competition, procurement of breach of contract, and unjust enrichment. On July 19, 2012 it took a jury less than 45 minutes to deliberate and return a verdict of “Not Guilty” on all charges.

“We are excited to finally have this decision behind us so we can now focus on one thing, and that is our clients. During the last 2 years they have been trying to do one thing and that is to shut us up and bankrupt us through the court system. We always felt that at the end of the day a jury would see that TAI is in the business to help people. If the timeshare industry would stop lying and sell their product honestly we would be out of business,” said Sean Austin.

“The jury’s verdict represents a victory for free speech and free enterprise, and against corporate bullying,” said Austin’s attorney, Greg Oakley of DHPM PC in a press release.

Timeshare Advocacy International is headquartered in Mount Juliet, TN and currently has a staff of 19 that do nothing but consult, coach, and mentor timeshare owners who have been deceived during their purchase or upgrade of their timeshares. “We specialize in helping timeshare owners not only get out of their timeshare contracts if they were lied to, but we also help them understand what happened and how they were scammed so this hopefully will not happen again!

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Silverleaf is a great company. To better the lives of those who don't take time to love the children they gave birth to, or let alone spend time with the one they supposivly "love".

What most people don't realize is that alot of people suffer from depresson more now days compared to 25 years ago. Why? Because back in the day people took the consideration and time to spend with there familys, then it really ment something, getting out side being with the kids, Maybe catching fire fly's in a jar or playing some baseball or neighbor's playing basket ball, not just cooking for them, watching tv, doing their laundry or taking them to there friends house. That's not true quality time.

So maybe those who do not have the best of opinions of Silverleaf should take a look at your family..

Complete what ya'll are missing, that time that used to bring the family together. If you can't make a sacrifice to go do things with your family then how can you find the value and greatness in being with/around the significant one or ones around you?


To Silverleaf Time Share Owner, I don't work for them never have. I am just speaking fact.

Have you been to the BBB it is much more reliable source than this website. I own a timeshare and they are good and bad with all things.


What does Silverleaf Resorts do with all the information they intake from those looking for a job that they don't hire? Is there their a legal recourse for stopping them from using this information?


@ Get Real & LOL, how much does Silverleaf pay you to go online and talk about how great they really are? Maybe I can get a job doing the same thing you all are doing and get reimbursed for some of the money I wasted on their BS timeshare.


I interviewed for a sales position at the Galveston resort today, and I had a funny feeling. The gentleman I spoke with, Eric, seemed to be working hard to sell me on the company and the fact that I could make a lot of $$.

Now I feel like a rube -- he was clearly working as hard as I was at selling myself.

He asked if I had car insurance, and that seemed weird to me.


If there was any validity to your accusations they wouldn't be in business and they would have a poor rating with the BBB and they don't.

to Get Real Chicago, Illinois, United States #771163

Actually, they have a D- rating with the BBB.

Nice try though.



Dude, get over it. You were fired for stealing, and now you post the same entry on here every few months hoping to detour a few buyers from buying affordable vacation packages.

You are pathetic. What nobody would hire you after what you did? So now you *** about silverleaf on the net for a living.

How much does that pay?

Probably not as much as you were stealing from the company. ***.

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