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Let me start at the beginning. My sister and I attended the Dallas International Guitar Festival where we signed up for a prize drawing at the entrance. A few days later I received a phone call informing me that I had won a prize. All I had to do was visit the Sliverleaf Resort The Villages (a two and a half hour drive) and go through a ninety-minute presentation then I would receive not only my prize but also a bonus reward for listening to the presentation. I figured what harm could be done, how wrong I ended up being. Due to our financial situation we could not afford to purchase a yearly contract therefore we were offered a bi-annual program and decided to give this a shot. So after spending SIX hours there we became owners. In the beginning we thought that this would be a great way to have that fun vacation time without breaking the bank.

So on May 19, 2013, my sister and I had a mandatory owner's orientation at the Irving Silverleaf Vacation Store. This was an hour drive for us that we had to make for our appointment. Once there we went through the Registration process and finally had our meeting. We were then given the run down of RCI and some of the new resorts included and whatnot. We were then asked if we had any questions to which we replied there were none. Then we were informed that there were some recent changes coming down from corporate and a manager was brought in to speak with us. Then for the next two and a half hours we had to wait around only to receive a sales pitch. We were told that the changes coming down from corporate were that the bi-annual program was being done away with, and therefore we should look into upgrading to an annual program (that we could not afford). The manager informed us that the individual who set up our account had annotated our account to set us up with an annual contract. This led my sister and I to believe that while she was offering us this "deal" she might have known of the changes coming. We were told that in a year the bi-annual program could very well be gone and then my sister and I would need to either upgrade or lose all the money we have put into this. Before making anymore decisions on this matter my sister and I needed time to discuss these matters and we HAD to leave because we were supposed to be meeting my sister’s ex-husband in Cisco to pickup my nephew. The manager told us that the offer we were given that day was only good for that day and if/when we decided/needed to upgrade we would be paying a lot more than what we were being offered right then. Needless to say my sister and I were not pleased when we left the office yesterday. We asked if there was someone that we could call to handle is this situation for us and we were given a card.

So Monday morning (May 20) at 8:30 I called the 888 number that is on the business card that we received and was informed that the manager was unavailable. I then spoke with the woman who answered the call about the situation we found ourselves in. I was then informed that Silverleaf is not in fact doing away with the bi-annual program and that the information that we received yesterday was "false." In other words we were lied to. I went on to explain how annoyed by sister and I had become because we were brought in to receive a sales pitch when we did not ask for and yet we were subject to it. She then explained that the Owner's Orientation was to see if we had any questions and then we would have to go through the sales pitch, that this is normal operating procedure. My sister was informed that it was a mandatory thing and that was the only reason why we there yesterday. If we had had any questions we have several phone number that we could and would have called to have them answered. We did not need or ask to sit for four hours to have questions answered that we did not have or receive a sales pitch. I felt like I was being given the run around rather than having my question be answered. Needless to say, again I was disappointed when I ended my phone call. I then decided to e-mail the manager after my unsuccessful phone call and explain the situation in full and hopefully recieve some feedback. I have yet to hear anything back from Silverleaf. Yesterday (May 21) my sister called every number that was given to us and was unable to reach anyone, including the personal number of the manager who set up our account.

My sister and I are not troublemakers and we not prone to complaining or breaking contracts, however we do not like being lied to. This is a poor business practice and makes us question further business with Silverleaf Resorts. I would like to know what my sister and must do to end this contract and business with Silverleaf. We have only been in this for three weeks and have not used anything or even made any payments as of yet. We were told that we are not the first individuals to experience this disappointment and trouble. My sister and I have lost not only money but time and energy because of this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $1011.

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My daughter n I just did the same as you and are exactly I'm the same boat we haven't had to make a payment yet either but we are so sceptical know to we also don't know what to do

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If someone bought a timeshare from Silverleaf Resorts, Inc., there is a group of attorneys in Houston, Texas that are going after them. They've won cases against them.

Their name is Texas Timeshare Advocacy and their number is 713-554-3334.

They don't charge you to ask the questions you might need to ask and they're very friendly.


I can help you to stop your monthly payments, protect your credit and get you out of your loan balance. In some cases we have even got some of our client's a refund based on fraud and misrepresentation.

We have successfully helped over 4000 clients so far and we have offices in Houston, Austin & San Antonio with Licensed Texas Realtors.

We are accredited with the BBB and have an A rating! Visit us on the web at TimeshareGone.com and ask to speak with Kevin Hanson or give me a call at 713-554-3334


Look guys im sorry you guys got the bi annual this is Scott Chadwick from the Irving store but i can get yall a wonderful deal on a white or blue package call us tomorrow on the members card i can get you only a one time deal where we can refund your bi-annual package , Really i don't have to do anything for yall and i was hinted by Teresa to look at this link and well honeslty yall need to make up your mind Just a 1000 down and we can talk if not I could care a s hit less so give me your time and well talk you shi t ok stop complaining its good deal


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That is an awful way to talk to people I hope your not one of the gentlemen that we would be dealing with because u r very rude

to Store location5346t Houston, Texas, United States #899337

LMFAO!!! Still trying to hit people up for more cash. Shame on you all.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #677698

*yawn* you guys are pathetic. Didn't your momma ever teach you "if its too *** good to be true, it isn't true"? ;)

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Well I have an interesting update which might help. I just went through a presentation with them today in Conroe.

Fortunately I said no to everything, but one of the last offers they threw at me was the bi-annual option.

So it looks like they do in fact still sell that option, and they are completely lying to you about the mandatory upgrade. Hopefully this information helps.


Don't et them get away with this. I had a great guy help me get out of my timeshare.

He is having health issues and will only take on a couple of clients at a time. But he did write a step by step guide on how to force these resorts to let you out of your contract and money back.

He will answer any email questions you have, whether you are his client or not. He has a website at www.timesharetricks.blogspot.com Tell him Marty sent you.

Allen, Texas, United States #657506

You might be stuck. I actually went to one of their sales pitches a year ago.

Read your contract carefully. It may have something in there about canceling.

If all else fails, contact the BBB. BEST OF LUCK!!!!

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