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We were at the Home & Garden show and a girl asked if we would like a free vacation. All we had to do is listen to a 90 minute sales presentation. We would get 3 nights lodging, a cash debit card and just had to show up for a 90 minute sales pitch. 90 minutes came and went and they were just getting started with the lies about how much you save on vacation, how you can actually make money exchanging and renting your timeshare, and we said "no" again and again. Each time they got a manager, who came back with some "just got this in" deal on a returned timeshare for only so much, much less than the same unit they sale now. After 5 or 6 hours, we gave in. In a few weeks, we got a phone call asking us to come for an orientation meeting and stay a couple nights. It was not an orientation meeting, but another high-pressure sales pitch to upgrade or buy another unit, which gives you special privileges.

Long story shorter, we own 2 timeshares, and the lies are piling up. Every time, we said no for hours, just wanted to get out and get our gift card or whatever incentive they offered. They are very tricky at what they do, and the do it so fast, taking advantage of seniors and low income people that it seems that it must be illegal. And it's a fine line that becomes blurred. If you were to record everything they say at the sales presentation, and compare it to what you signed and what you get or don't get, you might have a chance proving they lied or tricked you into signing. And then you need to write down every name, every implied statement, every manager that pops in, everything they write on this "planning" sheet (that they make sure you don't leave with) until your head is spinning.

I can tell you as a fact, they tricked us into showing up, then they promised us everything you can imagine, make you sign so quick and so many documents that you don't remember the last time you ate something, and you've been there 6 plus hours, and these people will not take no for an answer.

After the last deal, it all got much worse. You signed papers in December and they said your first payment is due in February. In January they send you a late notice, plus interest and fees, and you know they said February. It's takes days and weeks to get someone on the phone who can explain what happened, and when you say "the salesman said the first payment was in February" they say "that can't be correct, because the paperwork says January. You can never get connected with the salesman, or even the manager, but the finance department calls you every other day wanting payment. Then it gets worse. You look at your payment history online, and the payment you sent went all to interest, and no principal. No reason, just stealing your money right under your nose. Not just one month, but several. Your payoff amount is higher than your original balance. You can't get any answers. Then it gets worse. You start looking at these letters you get promising to get you out of your timeshare. (This is not from Silverleaf, but if you fall for it you can be out for thousands of dollars with no results). But being smart, you recognize the scammers and dig deeper in your research. You find lawyers who guarantee to get you out, no upfront fees, but they do take clients who are with Silverleaf. The last one I am going to name, because they have "endorsements from celebrities" and advertise extensively. The Time Share Exit Team sounded like the final solution, because their website never says they can't get you out of Siverleaf, or anyone else. They say to qualify for their service, you just need to be a timeshare owner who wants out. What a waste of time. Luckily I'm retired, and since I won't be using my timeshare, I may dedicate the rest of my life to bringing Silverleaf thieves into the spotlight until everyone know what they are.

I'm so frustrated I wish I could go back in time to the first salesman who lied for hours, and when the time hit 90 minutes, I would stand up, say "give me my reward card now" and when he does anything but that, I punch him in the nose, and describe to all the people in a very loud voice how they are thieves, get up and run now! But I can't do that, and I can't burn down their headquarters, or many other things that have crossed my mind. I'm just a veteran on disability who must have been "date raped" because I would never commit to $730 a month when I only get $1500 in disability. But I found myself asking over and over, why I said "yes".

I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if I were drugged. It's about how low they operate to get your money.

If anyone knows from experience how to get out of Silverleaf debt please let me know. They will ruin my credit, maybe take me to court, but they can't take my house or my Social Security check, I hope.

Product or Service Mentioned: Silverleaf Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Silverleaf Resorts Cons: Deception, Business practices.

  • Dishonest Business Practice
  • Bad Experiences With Silverleaf R
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Wow I am so sorry you were duped by these lowlife subhumans. I wish for you a way to resolve your issue and I applaud your speaking out to warn others instead of keeping it to yourself. Know that you will save some people the same heartache.


They scammed us years ago! We were young and exhausted from listening to them and they lied about us getting on our dream honeymoon.

We pay for vacations instead of using our timeshare and paid almost $5000 to "donate" one week to a company to get out of it.

We still have one week left and are looking to get rid of it as well! Good luck!